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  1. As far as Default Folder X, in win we have always had Favorites. Just drag your fav/destination folder(s) to the upper left of the save dialog window (Favorites area) and you'll always have access to it when you save anything:)
  2. Eye meat. ...delicious! Insanely well done Binky! MOAR PLS . PS, I learned moar cause Pop Tarts! 
  3. I looked into this in the past as well, and found that Cineform was perfect for our needs. It was designed for archival, but it is a lossLESS codec with an AVI wrapper. It's also very affordable. GoPro bought them a while back in 2011. From their tech page: http://cineform.com/technology Full-frame (no blocks) Wavelet compression for highest image integrity Unrestricted spatial resolution (4K and beyond) Up to 12-bit arithmetic precision RGBA, RGB, YUV, and RAW chroma formats Standard wrapper interfaces including AVI and MOV for broadest compatibility All you need is Studio Premium, unless you need "3D" features, then get the "Pro" version. But either-way, to get the codec, Premium is only $300 bucks:) http://cineform.com/products/gopro-studio-premium
  4. THe Youtube Channel of Jamie Hamel-Smith has a series of GREAT step-by-step modeling AND UV texturing process vids:) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGCiEvS0v-RSDiIeWK7fs4w
  5. Just curious, what was the final resolution (pix dimensions), and format(s)? Thanks! Great work:)
  6. I second HP, I used the Z800 for over a year and it rocked, the newer Z820 rocks as well. I also heard great things about originpc as well. (originpc.com)
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