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    <p>I am a motion designer based in Chicago. I graduated with a degree from Columbia College of Chicago in Computer Animation, and 3D was a big part of my initial interest in animation. Mostly character character design though. Columbia didn't have a great track for 3D heavy motion design so I did my best to bridge that gap with electives, all the while trying to up my design and animation skills. I entered the post college world wide eyed, wanting to do it all; Animation, 3D, 2D, VFX, design, Illustration. Needless to say I needed to reign in my ambitions and figure out the type of work I wanted to make. Trying to land any design job I could I ended up working for a bit as a visual designer at a few Chicago start ups, both were based in the healthcare industry.  I am now getting back into what I set out to do with my life and focus full on towards motion graphics and animation. These days I am just trying to close that creative gap. When I have the time I sketch and try to step outside into the real world with the people I love. Check out my stuff below and let me know what you think.</p> <p> </p> <p>My Work:</p> <p><a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://pdicamillo.tumblr.com/'>http://pdicamillo.com/</a></p> <p> </p> <p>Sketches and Blog:</p> <p><a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://idicamillo.tumblr.com/'>http://idicamillo.tumblr.com/</a></p>
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    Dig it. Like the little "kick" forward. I would second what ChrisC said about the missing fingers feeling like more of a distraction by not having them. I would also say that on an anatomy note, the index finger is shorter than the middle finger and having them at equal length bothers me a bit on that. That being said adding length on the middle finger might have an impact on walk's vertical motion that may or may not ruin the desired look and feel you are going for. Ultimately it's up to you on that one. Regardless, good work!
  2. PTCamillo

    My 2016 Reel

    Hey all, So I cut a new reel and I was just looking to hear some thoughts, or where you think the level of work is at. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Pete
  3. Hey All, I am currently on a job that is trying to marry an "Old World" feel with a "Modern Aesthetic"– the client's words not mine. We had settled on an art nouveau direction for the "Old World" part of the art direction and are still trying to figure out the where "Modern Aesthetic" fits in. I have been thinking that maybe the modern feel will come across in the motion scheme if executed properly, but I would still like to find a way to incorporate it into the design. Does anyone have any good examples of motion pieces with an Art Nouveau direction that still feels like a piece that is telling the story from a modern perspective? Also, any suggestions on how to achieve that balance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Pete
  4. Hey Gabriele, Thanks for taking a look and taking the time to respond. The opener was one small weird idea that I had that grew into a big weird idea. You are probably right about the length, but I just looked at it as another opportunity to show people what I can do. The next reel that I get together will definitely have a shorter and most likely matching opener and closer. Thanks much! Cheers, Pete
  5. The final product is now up! It was uploaded to the same vimeo id as before, so what is embedded above is actually the final piece now. Thanks much for taking a look! Cheers, Pete
  6. Hey all, First time poster in this forum, so here is a bit about myself. My name is Peter DiCamillo, and I am a freelance motion designer based in Chicago. I have been working freelance pretty steadily the last few months, but before that I worked as a visual designer at a few healthcare start-ups in Chicago. Now that I am back in the motion design game, I am looking to get some feedback on my reel from these past few months. Right now it is a work in progress, hence the plead for feedback, but I really want to bring this good place so I can get started on making next year's! Any help, thoughts, critiques, etc. would be appreciated. Let me know if you have any questions and if you want to see my past work or what have you, here is my site (http://pdicamillo.tumblr.com/). Thanks in advanced and I hope I can learn a thing or two about a thing or two. Cheers, Pete
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