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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Mylenium. Looks like that's the best option out there for now
  2. This please http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=30067
  3. Perhaps oscillate isn't the right word? I want it to be animating similar to what you get with a formula effector in C4D (reference below). The image above is just something I drew in Illustrator. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30278854/sinewave.mov
  4. I'm trying to animate a line oscillating. I have tried in AE and C4D with no luck so far. I don't like the sine waves in C4D's formula effector, I feel like maybe there is a way to tweak it to get more of the shape I'm going for. Below is the line I drew that I'm trying to recreate.
  5. Hilarious! I really like this idea because you get to be so wildly creative and free. And the more crazy you get the better. Looking forward to more of these!
  6. Hey guys, I'm a freelancer in Atlanta, GA. Just posted a new reel. Feedback and high fives are welcome. Thanks for taking a look!
  7. One thing you can do is search "invite" and sort by latest. Often players will create a shot "advertising" invitations they have available. Most of the time they just ask that you submit your work to them and they will pick someone. Good luck
  8. I was posing this question to an accountant friend of mine recently. The examples he wrote about helped me understand it better. Here is what he sent me: "The main questions may be how much money you will be bringing in. LLC can be either a sole proprietorship or a S corp. You can start as sole proprietor LLC and change to a Scorp at a later time. -Sole proprietorship will be subject to self employment tax 15.3% (12.4 Social security, 2.9 medicare) of net business income (after expenses) -S corp you will be an owner of a separate legal entity. This entity will have to pay you reasonable compensation and distributions. the compensation is subject to self employment mentioned above but distributions will be treated as ordinary income(good thing). The question is how much money over and above what could/should be tagged as compensation is coming in. You have to pay yourself something reasonable. The other problem is you then have to file an s-corp tax return every year which produces a k-1 that goes to your 1040. This is an added time/ expense. Examples. S-corp you make 50k doing 3 months work, reasonable salary for a motion artist doing your work is 60k so 15k for 3 months. Depending on how many expenses you have. lets say its 10k. So that leaves 50-15-10=25k. You would have 15 taxed at 15.3% + ordinary tax. then 25k taxed at ordinary tax only. then -expenses/time related to preparing s-corp return higher expenses example 50k income-40k expenses= 10k income (reasonable salary = 15k) = 10k self employment income (no benefit over sole proprietor) Sole proprietor 50k-10k expenses =40k taxed at 15.3% + ordinary tax Higher expenses example 50k-40k expenses = 10k self employment income (same as s-corp above) A single member llc which is the same as sole proprietorship for taxes but you get some limited liability. For taxes it will be disregarded and you would just fill out a schedule C. The main purpose of the LLC is if you were worried about getting sued which I dont know how likely that is in your field, maybe copyrights or if you were taking out loans to do business. Also it is often a good idea to open a separate bank account so it is clear what is business vs not.You can take profits out whenever but it shows business related deposits and expenses clearly."
  9. The only thing that bothers me with Yosemite is the RAM preview bug mentioned in the link Todd posted.
  10. Thanks for another great video Binky. Definitely looking forward to the one you tease at the end!
  11. Thanks for those easing resources. Something I never would have thought of. The people I am working with haven't done animations in their apps before so they are also trying to figure out the best way for me to deliver things to them. As for my experience with this type of stuff, this will be my first go at it. I recently did an animation for a friend's website where I animated some hypothetical interfaces and that got some views, so some people reached out to me. Which brings me to now, asking you all for help. Thanks again for those resources and I'll be sure to post what I find as I go through the process.
  12. Has anyone done any design and animation in the world of apps? I'm going to be using After Effects to animate and was wondering if there are certain frame rates to follow and what you would need to render the files as. Other general advice would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!
  13. I'm looking for a 4 bay NAS. Do you guys have any opinion on Netgear? It seems to get a good review on Newegg. I was also looking at Synology but I honestly don't know much about these things. I get the feeling, based on reviews that they aren't going to be fast enough to work directly off of. This is the Netgear I was looking at on Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822122144
  14. Thanks for posting this Dave. The results are great.
  15. Super good! Really enjoyed watching this. Thanks!
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