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  1. Hello Everyone! Here is the MOTUS difference: MOTUS is the only portfolio service specific to Broadcast & Motion designer/animators - all other creative portfolio services are for anyone who wants to set one up - illustrators/photographers/graphic designer etc. There is no catch 22. MOTUS is a win win for motion professionals. You get a great looking portfolio, that's easy to update all the while employers from around the world use the MOTUS to find motion talent like you! And they contact you directly, so you deal direct. We are not a social network and don't want to be - this is a professional portfolio that will be your online resume to the broadcast & motion world. Thanks again for your feedback.
  2. The service is free for the motion graphic professional, and right now free for employers to find talent. It will always be free for mograph professionals, but like Monster employers will eventually pay MOTUS to locate talent - instead of paying a headhunter. MOTUS is specific for motion design professionals - not for everyone "creative" under the sun. Thank you for your feedback.
  3. I posted this to Mograph - Jon Lewis. I am a recruiter with over 15 years experience specializing in motion creative professionals. I created MOTUS with the vision of replacing myself in the future. Right now, companies hire me to find talent for them. I envision MOTUS being the Monster.com or Elance.com for motion designer/animators. Future employers will post a job and have the ability to see available talent that fits their needs (global scheduling coming later) and having first/second hold status being visible. In order to build this site, the CEO - Bill helped with the funding to get it the way I wanted the site to look. The portfolio is important and employers want to view your work this way - so that's why I build MOTUS. Plus it's free, no sense paying to have a good looking portfolio when MOTUS already did the heavy lifting. Thanks again and please check it out, register, and let me know your feedback. Best, Jon
  4. MOTUS is the new FREE professional motion portfolio for motion graphics artists. It’s simple to use, organized, easy to update and elegant to view. Keep your personal website, keep your social networks, but use MOTUS when you want to showcase your professional motion resume portfolio and be found by employers looking to find motion professionals online for their freelance and fulltime opportunities. Once we gain enough momentum, MOTUS will target employers looking to hire freelance and fulltime staff so that you are found online. It is exactly what motion professionals have been looking for. It is the world’s first portfolio directory built by Recruiters who know what a good motion portfolio should look like and what hiring staff look for in a strong motion portfolio. Show your best work easily; Be found easily; Be MOTUS! It’s simple, and it’s FREE!
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