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  1. http://www.gridmarkets.com is one. there must be others
  2. Hi there, I've got some drum sticks going. Each drum stick is effected by it's own Sound Effector. Both drumsticks are Rigid Bodies. each has a Vibrate tag on it slightly offsetting the position. Both drum-sticks are in a null which has it's position co-ordinates key-framed. My problem is ..when I cache from the Rigid Body tag or the 'Bake' in the project settings...the simulation simply turns OFF - there is nothing moving. I have tried putting each drum stick into a Cloner and Fracture and then using the Mograph Cache Tag...however this yields the same result. I've also tried changing the Deformer setting to Object and also tried the Point Cache method, none of which has worked. Any ideas why the Sound Effector does not bake when in conjunction with dynamics?? Pathways such as Sound Keys aren't of use because you still have to cache at the end. many thanks for reading
  3. Thank for the reply, have you seen any tutorials for this technique in XPresso? Im fairly new to it
  4. Hi there This may be the wrong place to post this, if it is I will post elsewhere.. I have a Cloner object cloning and Instance with a Tracer object connecting all the cloned objects together via 'Connect Elements'. I have the Cloner Amount keyframed, 0 at the start and 30 at the end. The objects multiply when played, with zero gravity they float around bouncing off and coliding with each other at times BUT the Tracer lines are coliding with each other and the Cloned objects. Is there anyway to stop this from happening? I need the Tracer lines which connect the clones to be 'rigid' and to not go through each other and the cloned objects. Any suggestions? P.S the Tracer object is in a Sweep along with a Circle Spline
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