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  1. Thanks Scott. Very helpful. I shall keep at it.
  2. I'm used to working in sound design/edm and within this arena the software such as ableton live is very good for tinkering with ideas, listening to how things work together etc and this really fires up my creativity. However I don't find the process the same with graphics and motion design. In my opinion unless you are an absolute after effects/c4d wiz and know the programmes inside out then its very difficult to just sit there and play around and come with random ideas on the fly. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it is possible but I'd like to hear from others about how they come up with ideas etc. What is the process for you? Sometimes I have an idea to make something but then I kind of feel like it's beyond my skills so I do tutorials etc but never seem to progress. I watch a lot of animated/motion videos by others but most of the time I just end up feeling like I'm never going to progress to such a level.
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