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  1. I'm from England but working in Vancouver for about 3 years. Totally worth it since I don't like London and there's not really a whole lot of good work outside there for guys like us in England. As Flow said, totally changed my life for the better and rounded me out as a better person methinks. It's worth doing for the experience alone even if the pay sucks.
  2. I thought I could get away with that. Dang. People and their memories. By the way, I've tested it and it's not possible to use the FragFX with the PC (not entirely sure why you'd want to, but anyway).
  3. And yet none of you play TF2? For shame. My steamid is the same as this so if anyone fancies a game sometime hit me up at that. Same for PS3. I'll take on all comers at Skate and own the lot of you Re: FragFX, do you have the wired or bluetooth version? I find the wires to be rather annoying at times.
  4. UT3 does support keyboard and mouse natively. It's the first PS3 (or console) game that does. However, playing with a mouse/keyboard from the sofa isn't the most comfortable experience. I have a fragfx too and found it having the same issues as you. While it is, in theory, a better alternative to analog sticks, the floatiness kind of kills it. I was expecting this to be the case before I bought it. However I hear that the more time you spend with it the better it gets. To be fair I haven't given it much time. It was an improvement in getting headshots in Unchartered but Resistance I couldn't do jack all... go figure. COD3 was somewhere in the middle. I'm lucky enough to have COD4 for the PC and wouldn't consider getting it for the PS3. However, with UT3 supporting mods and mouse/keyboard, it's a very tempting idea indeed. I'm not a big fan of UT3 so far (from my experience on PC) but I'm willing to give it a try I think. Oh and by the way, you can program your buttons on the fragfx to fix you mouse2/sniping problem. -edit- ps, add me to your PS3 friends list. Name same as here.
  5. Actually I didn't say filter, I just said lens, but thank you for going to all that trouble! I think what i'll do is use a combination of what I already have with what you posted to try and merge a sort of cracked image with blurriness and try and come up with something that when someone looks at it, they think it's a cracked lens. It won't be perfect but I guess it will have to do. Thanks again for your trouble.
  6. I think silatix pretty much nailed it, but from me personally, it wasn't all that interesting. After seeing the teaser from wayyyy back I was already in a condition of uninterest. I really didn't like the visual treatment at all and the idea in general didn't seem like my cup of tea. Then the whole idea of cowboys vs astronaughts came in and I was pleased. The acting from the cowboys was really atrocious and most of the time they really felt like they were just on a green screen stage. IE their movement was slow and forced. It basically felt a bit like a student film that gets passed around at film festivals, only with higher production value and some nice MK12 animations thrown in. But like silatix said, more power to them for doing it. I'd rather they tried and failed (at least failed for me) than not try at all. I hope it does well though with the general market; they do deserve to get some attention for this.
  7. Yeah I also found these but this like delrossi said, this is not how it looks when it's filmed. I guess the best way would be to find a cheap lens and crack it myself. But I dunno if its worth it to be honest.
  8. Hi all, I have a quick query that I was wondering someone might be able to help out with. I need to make a piece look like its being viewed through a cracked lens. I'm aware of the idea of making all the "shards" appear off kilter etc, but my query isn't about that. It's more about the look of a cracked lens and how it breaks. Originally I had a piece of cracked glass to simulate this look but this apparently isn't good enough since lenses crack a certain way. I'm after reference material or better yet something I can actually use to overlay and then begin work on. Can anyone help me in my need of peril?
  9. I'll add in another pingmag - daily read for sure. Also, http://www.kilian-nakamura.com/blog-english/ has some japanese design things from time to time as well. It's a general "trends in japan" site so its pretty good for mainstream design when it comes along. There are many contemporary Japanese design books around. Just go check out your local [enter large chain bookstore with graphic design books here].
  10. You can have Windows anti-alias all text in the OS... just change it to smooth in the display properties.
  11. Oh yeah, I'm all over Firefox. It's the dream of browsers if ever there was one. However I do like the Safari look a bit more. I'm not talking the skin because you can easily change that in Firefox, but little things like form elements are much nicer. These, incidentally, have been ported to the Windows one too. However, the first site I tried going to with Safari crashed it. Not a good sign.
  12. It may have been posted before, and it may be common knowledge to others, but Safari 3 on Windows? When did this happen? Why isn't there more of a fuss about this yet? Has anyone tried it? Is it a possible Firefox replacement (unlikely since I don't use Safari on Mac either though)... -edit- In case anyone wants it: http://www.apple.com/safari/download/
  13. Thanks for the input gang. Unfortunately we are indeed talking soap opera fast so I'll probably use a combination of the above. Thanks again team.
  14. Can anyone offer some advice on making footage seem woozy (as if coming out of a coma) other than just the easy and obvious blur? Any examples would be fine as well? Cheers.
  15. I'm not Canadian but I'm living and working in Vancouver. If that helps...
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