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  1. I want to get a big LCD TV, Possibly LED, about 42 or 47" I'll have it hooked up to my macbook pro almost 100% of the time and watc movies/shows/netflix streams like that. But mainly I want to increase my screen real estate from my already spacious 1680x1050 hi res MBP screen to the slightly larger 1080p Can anyone offer ant tips or recommendations? It seems like I should go with a LED lit screen. They are way thinner and lighter and have much better contrast ratios which are all huge pluses if I want to use it as a monitor for my graphics/dev work. Thanks
  2. Hey, just doing some research on two things Projection mapping: Where a video is projected on a 3D surface i.e. a building or wall that creates a 3D effect. Anyone have any experience with this? Software, techniques, anything at all you can tell me? and not sure of the "proper" name for this but I am looking for info and examples on those still graphics that are stuck on separate 3D walls, floors and ceilings to create a 2D image when viewed from a certain angle. For example a huge graphic pasted on the surfaces of a staircase that when viewed from the bottom of the stairs, appears perfectly 2D and "in-perspective". Any links or info on techniques or examples of these thins would be great! Thanks!
  3. So can I use darken if I have a white fly?
  4. Crypty

    what's in a name?

    Crypty is short for Cryptosporidium, an anal dwelling parasite. It was just something I saw in an Onion article and I liked the name.
  5. Crypty


    I've done 5-meo-DMT. I believe it's pretty similar. Anyway my friend had procured some from a chem/bio supply place in south carolina a few years ago. I'm almost certain the stuff is still legal though nearly impossible to find. Anyway we each smoked an amount of it about the size of a grain of sand. It hit me in about 5 seconds and basically I couldn't move. I felt like I was falling into my couch, and everything in the room started moving away from me, spreading out kinda. It felt like at least an hour or two but my friend said I was only sitting for 5 minutes before I got up and started acting normal again. It wasn't a good or bad experience. It was 50% fun and 50% freaking me the hell out. Just be sure you have someone watching you to keep you away from machines, stairs, and other dangerous stuff.
  6. Crypty

    Bit torrent

    There are really only two worth considering. Azureus, which has every feature under the sun, but is Java based and very ram hungry. Then there's uTorrent, which is ultra light, just over a meg, and has many good features.
  7. I have netflix. We get 5 at a time I believe. I have basically ran out of movies that I actually want to see so I leave the movie watching and netflix queue experience to the rest of my family.
  8. Ah yes, shiny has long been a favorite of mine. His site was recently redone. The old site was incredible. This new one is nice but not even close to the old one. EDIT: Found his old page http://shinybinary.com/v1/
  9. Crypty


    Hi, I have to make a resume for an assignment in school. I've only done graphic design and mograph for commission never salary. Is there a way to put this sort of stuff on a resume or no? Thanks.
  10. The Casio Exilims are excellent, especially the older ones (z-40 z-50 z-55) because they use a high quality Pentax lens. They also have the p600 and p700 which are really good for something midway between point-n-shoot and DSLR
  11. Crypty

    7 worst fonts

    I was expecting Sand and Impact to be included.
  12. As with most FOSS graphics software, it's great if you're strapped for cash, but sub-par compared to the big names and non FOSS stuff.
  13. Crypty


    '04 Pathfinder Not mine, but same car.
  14. Crypty

    Nice Bag?

    I have a silver vanguard briefcase I got from newegg.com for like 30 bucks. It fits my laptop perfectly with no added bulk at all. It's very sturdy and makes me look like I'm carrying guns or drugs which is pretty fun. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...82E16834997010R They have a few sizes but you should be careful as the inner dimensions are listed as a bit larger than what will actually fit inside.
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