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  1. kinda felt some of the live action footage coulda been taken out...
  2. lynda.com is decent, as is cineversity...but i haven't seen cineversity since the re design recently...
  3. what motivates you to get more personal work done? just for the reel, or a new idea etc?
  4. i love my ultimate ears triple fi 10s. they are great for noise cancelling, but may not work well in a work enviornment if collaboration is necessary.....otherwise i also love my westone um3x, which aren't as good for noise cancelling, but the sound stage is incredible and more like listening in more of a music studio room enviornment
  5. yea you do have print experience right? nice work for a first reel
  6. laughingcolors


    laughingcolors of course
  7. i have a tascam 1691, usb audio interface. how can i record simple video (ie from photobooth etc) with my audio source from the USB interface?
  8. I just got the tascam 1641 on amazon. its more pricey -at 300- but it works well with my macbook pro and i've been using to record music...
  9. good tip on sound note- i'll try that. three of my last meetings i wasn't asked to show my reel....
  10. just curious , do any of you use your ipad to show off your portfolio? I set mine up to do it, but the one meeting i brought it for, i wasn't asked for my portfolio debating about bringing it to my next meeting- would you ? why or why not
  11. can anyone recommend a good one, hopefully not too expensive? thanks
  12. i dug this spot....not to mention you can't go wrong with $3 drafts
  13. trying to get motivated.....
  14. laughingcolors


    two favorite bars: the rail, and bar bar both in city market. also johnnies pizza ( if i remember that name being right) on the edge of city market by the rail had good pizza. check out the back side of tybee island ; much quieter beach if you're headed out that way. elizabeths on 37th was a bit pricey for food but if you're lookin for a fancy dinner.... its been since '04 so my memory ain't too great and lady and sons too for food
  15. oh yea ? my last job they gave me the nickname of random man
  16. is it far from metro north ? I finally got power back last night at 6 ( since sat at 6pm) ..amazing how fast they cleaned westchester up. monday i drove 5 miles to scarsdale, every block had a tree down. yet every tree down had a worker on it.
  17. i just finished a job up in rye brook which is why i ended up here... I only know of one good bar in westchester and thankfully i can walk two blocks away (its by the train station)....but i'd be fine going to stamford if its near the train
  18. sure i'm 30 minutes down south in larchmont
  19. yea i worked several shops at the night shift (5 or 6PM) ... I know ignition creative has a night shift (olympic/bundy) the other place i worked at night was out in sherman oaks.... Night shifts are usually a bit more laid back
  20. can anyone recommend any good tax accountants in lower westchester or else down in Manhattan...... thanks !
  21. hey guys...does anyone know that reel that made a mockery of motion graphics>? it was some german or foreign designer. Conrad ithink....oh....wait.. was this asked for yet this week? har har
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