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    I actually watched the reel a few times. rothermel has a reel comprised of a level of quality that I will probably never achieve. I am unfortunately in no position to comment on, or rather, to criticize anything about the reel. Personally, I think that the editing is super tight (haven't checked with audio on). I know someone else did it but it still represents him. I think the boards show someone who can adapt to multiple styles and masters his creativity very well. But I don't tend to give my critical opinions on other people's work because I'm not a professional designer/mographer/artist/in-any-creative-industry-person. ..that's why I made a suggestion about the code. Because that's something I actually get my hands dirty with from time to time and I thought it might help. But yes, a PM may have been preferable.
  2. isotrope


    Really like the reel and nice clean site. If I can make a tiny suggestion... I'm really rusty, so maybe I'm remembering this wrong. In your stylesheet, instead of setting the #content margin to 88px, set the padding to 88px. This way, you won't have a horizontal scrollbar. (margin 88px = 100% + 88px, padding 88px = 88px within 100%)
  3. Not 100% absolutely certain, but you can try this... Make sure that you can measure the distance between two of the cm notches in a perfect horizontal or vertical line (unless you want to break out your trig). If your scan is even slightly crooked, use the Ruler tool to get your picture straight (click two point on the ruler to make the ruler tool line follow the actual ruler edge, Image->Rotate Canvas->Arbitrary) Make sure your Info palette is open. Use the ruler tool to find the distance between two adjoining cm notches. Make sure you're going in a straight line (only W or H changing in the Info palette). Ready? Write down the number of pixels that you can see in your Info palette. If you rotated the image to get the measure, revert to saved. Image->Image Size->Uncheck "Resample image", select "Pixels/CM" under resolution and enter the magic number from before. In theory, the number of pixels you saw between two of your centimeter notches on the ruler should be the number of dots that should print out between each centimeter on paper. Keep in mind that this is perfect in theory, non-commercial printers like your InkJet or your Laser printer may not print it out at the absolutely perfect scale. You'll have to try it out. Otherwise, it's a matter of math to adjust to the perfect size. Also, I know that having an image at 393.7 pixels/inch may get you weird looks from a Printer. Edit: I may have misunderstood. I thought you wanted to print out an image so it would have real world dimensions on paper.
  4. You can always... * Get the rulers out * Turn on Snap * Make sure your Info palette is visible and create a guide right in the middle of your document Your layers' centers should snap to the guide. You can use this trick to align to "anywhere". If you want everything to align to a center at 2/3 of your document, it'll snap.
  5. isotrope

    Corel deal

    Crap. Sorry, Chris. I didn't think about that part. It does work in Canada. I guess no love for the 'entire' Commonwealth. Also, I should have checked first but it's the equivalent of a mail-in rebate (http://apps.corel.com/lp/visa/). Still, as we say here, C'est mieux qu'une claque sur la gueule.
  6. isotrope

    Corel deal

    First of all, I know, Corel probably won't get much love around here. Just in case someone was thinking of getting Painter as a Christmas gift for one of their relatives or something.... Corel is giving a VISA card with $50-$150 on it when you buy some of their products. The deal's on until the 30th. http://www.corel.com
  7. Last week, I took some breaks to get my mind off of work. I decided to try out something that was totally alien to me (processing and java coding). Get ready to have your socks blown off... ok, actually they'll stay right where they are. But speaking of socks, I give you my first attempt at processing: The Argyle-ator! http://isotrope.net/proc/Argyle01/applet/index.html Lot of stuff left to do but it helped me figure out concepts like variables, loops, arrays(still trying to wrap my head around this). What took me a really long time was figuring out how to make sure that my shapes always had a width and height that fit perfectly within the given size, whatever it is. Anywho, I thought I'd share.
  8. Thanks for remembering, Govinda. However, that was to compare generated files with "expected" files in a specific folder. I think Scottgfx is looking for a way to automate importing Excel data into various images or frames without having to go in and manually modify the text. I found this http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=10686 However, for some reason I keep thinking about a tutorial from graymachine (either here or on Toolfarm). Might have been about visualizing data (charts) rather. Or maybe I'm thinking of a C4D script that someone posted to generate 3D graphs. I may be thinking about "Importing data sets from external files" in Photoshop and Illustrator (which I've yet to try). I think maybe I should have had my first cup of coffee before replying...
  9. I've been using ACDSee for ages for all my image browsing needs. I'm still on version 3.1, though. Because with time, it became a big piece of bloatware. I only want it to browse pictures, that's it. It does preview .eps files but not .ai (in 3.1, at least) I found this http://www.oldversion.com/program.php?n=acdsee but I can't vouch for the site.
  10. My spouse got Lasik. She tells me that it was one of the best things that she ever did. She used to need strong glasses. Now, she has better than 20/20 vision. Zero halos. No night light-halo-ing either. In case this is of interest to anyone: The biggest difference, I think, is to find a good surgeon. There are a few places here in Mtl that offer Lasik. Most of them are of the assembly-line, Costco sort of service. We picked one that was very highly recommended, but that also had a huge wait. The other difference is that most places will perform the surgery on pretty much anyone. This place screens the clients very carefully and rejects many people. We were stressed like crazy. It feels new and even though it's been done hundreds and thousands of times before, I kept thinking "What the hell are we going to do if she goes blind". (They only give the Valium to the patient). I watched the whole surgery on a monitor. There's a huge difference between watching an operation on the Discovery channel and watching the person you love's eye get sliced and burned. Not fun to watch. A few minutes and a weird burning smell later, the whole thing was over. They blinded her and we went home. She got to take it off the next morning. Man, you should have seen the smile on her face! We had to go back the next morning for a check-up. While I was sitting in the waiting room, there was a guy from the States who had flown in just to see if they would do his surgery. He was quite sad when they turned him away. They simply didn't want to risk it. I guess that it's the kind of thing where you do get what you pay for. This place cost about 50% more than other places. I hope the info helps. *Edit: It didn't look much like the video Havok.Dzn posted. The flap was removed with one quick slice and replaced afterwards. But yes, it can be dangerous. If you want to do it on the cheap, there's also the Lasik@Home kit
  11. I remember that thread. If I'm not mistaken, it was one of the users describing, step-by-step, how they had shot and then keyed a promo of some sort. Very detailed, informative and helpful. The search plug-in/google search didn't help me find it. Could it have been removed due to an NDA conflict?
  12. I'm assuming he was teasing you for having a 15-line SysSpec signature (on a slightly Mac-centric forum, no less). I'll let KGB answer about the partitioning. To me partitions still seem like they have no use other than keeping files from being too fragmented...at least, compared to having OS, apps and workfiles on individual physical drives. Maybe they're using independent heads for the individual platters now and I'm out of the loop. But one thing that people tend to forget that can have an impact on performance is the Paging File. Try to get it on another drive than your OS, make it a fixed size (none of that 1.5 to 2x RAM stuff) and make sure it isn't fragmented. You want it one nice big sequential file on the HD. Hope it helps.
  13. It's part of three animations that Nando Costa did. Missing Answer: 3DSMax I have a feeling you could get away with roto'ed or keyed footage and an extremely high-contrast. Some of the same tricks as the iPod ads could apply as well. The other two spots would be pretty hard to do without a 3D package. You can read more about it here: http://motionographer.com/2006/11/13/nando...ments-for-nike/
  14. You may like the XFPS 360 (http://www.xcm.cc/xcm_xfps_360.htm) A price that's a bit steep but you could be PwNinG teh HaLOz in no time. (Haven't tried it myself)
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