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  1. I agree with TechCrunch: this needs to be in Photoshop NOW! BTW today TC reported that Adobe hired the dude. http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/08/28/adobe...zer-technology/
  2. I'm sure you've all seen this, but whatheheck. Best spec work ever, in this fool's mind. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWfBzuix_sY CgSociety article, HQ video requiring free membership: http://features.cgsociety.org/story_custom.php?story_id=3302 I also want to ask this board to remind me what is the name of the AE plug-in that does this. - A. A.
  3. <nitpicking> if all you care about is whether c>0 or not, there really is no point in dividing by length(. Just slows things down. </nitpicking> But cool stuff :-)
  4. You're comparing the position[1] value without multiplying it by time*time. This value refers to the original y coordinate, which stays put, so your expression always evaluates TRUE. Try: yaccel = thisComp.layer("Circle").position[1]*time*time*12; ystop = thisComp.layer("GroundPlane").position[1] if (yaccel < ystop) [100, yaccel, 3000] else [100,ystop, 3000] (Warning - I'm not in front of AE right now so can't test this, but I think this should work better. It's also better to have an else part to explicity say what happens if the condition is NOT satisfied).
  5. One of the cleanest I've seen recently. I love it.
  6. I wouldn't take it so far. I was "that crowd" for a while, and fairly quickly I learned from the buzz (even before trying anything myself) that fluid simulations should only be used as a very last resort, owing to fantastic render times, impossibly long tweak cycles, and software cost. Most cgtalkers I know would work long and hard with particle blobs before they give up and take the realflow route. Here's one of my favorite tutorials for simulating water surface (no pouring). It's XSI but should be fairly portable as it uses not much more than standard perlin noise, specularity control and displacement. - AA
  7. If you must do it in AE, you'll save yourself a lot of keyframes and trouble if you set up proper hierarchies for the characters, possibly with some expressions to hold things in place. South Park characters may not need a lot of inverse kinematics if I remember correctly, but anyway Dan Ebberts has some useful expressions here. If lip-synching is to be involved, here's a Creative Cow tutorial. Three minutes sounds to me like quite a lot. AE really isn't the proper platform for this kind of stuff, but frankly you don't need Maya for that either. Look at Moho and Toon Boom, they're relatively easy to pick up and they're really meant for such animations. AA
  8. Again, I'm not at all sure, I don't have the mograph module yet... I remember seeing something about geometry masking but it may be irrelevant.
  9. If C4D can generate 2D geometry from image textures I'd love to hear about it, but as far as I know it cannot do so directly. The simplest method for your situation, it seems to me, would be to use the animated alpha texture to drive a displacement map, or use a relief object with the texture as the height map. Some pre-blurring would probably be necessary. See, for instance: http://www.creativemac.com/2004/02_feb/tut...lace0402244.htm AA EDIT: if you start with a displaced plane, you can then also re-apply the alpha texture to the displaced plane so that the "unextruded" regions vanish. It may look better if you use a slightly expanded (negatively choked) version of the alphas for the mask. Also, as an alternative, the mograph module has some gemoetry masking options which could be relevant here but I'm not sure...
  10. I was craving for this for such a long time - you da man!! THANKS!
  11. I precomp ALL the time, and like Sao said, the purpose is not just to organize your layers. That said, I find it very helpful in keeping organized, I've no idea what layer sets are but I can't say I feel I'm missing something big in that respect. My only gripe is that when precomping a bunch of layers that do not span the whole timeline, the precomp ignores that and creates a composition across the full timeline. There's a script somewhere that overcomes this but it's not really convenient to reach for the script menu every time I need to precompose. I regard this as a silly oversight on the programmer's side and I hope it gets fixed... BTW nice moniker you got there, spritelyjim
  12. Have you searched TurboSquid? Good models are not cheap though.
  13. Beautiful stuff. One of the exciting things about this industry is the speed in which inventions migrate from the research bench to the market - hopefully we'll get to see some of those algorithms implemented in an accessible app before long. I'm curious how long those movies took to simulate and render...
  14. What is it you don't get? What have you tried? Where do you get stuck? It's nicer to provide some more details and explain what you did than just state "I don't get it, need more help". Honestly you may find this is not the right forum for such discussions (the Cow works better for most people). I for one will be glad to help but I just need to understand what the problem is.
  15. Spritely

    Psyop AT&T

    This is one damn handy technique. Thanks for sharing, Harry.
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