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  1. I am very happy to announce my first tutorial produced for CMIVFX. Here's a summary: Houdini Connections Houdini is not just for visual effects. With the availability of Houdini for all platforms and the variety of training materials now available, Houdini is making headway into the world of motion graphics. The procedural nature of Houdini, combined with its powerful dynamics system, make Houdini an important player in visualizing data and allowing graphic artists to express themselves in new and powerful ways. In this tutorial series we are going to look at a current design trend - data connections - and build a procedural system in Houdini to accomplish this task while harnessing all the additional benefits Houdini has to offer. We'll learn how to draw connections between relational points of data (in this case, by proximity), create text readouts of the data, and combine this system with Houdini's dynamics network. At the end of the tutorial, the viewer will know how to create a reusable digital asset to handle this effect, and hopefully learn a few new tricks along the way! NOTICE TO VIEWERS: This video is going to be the gateway for cmiVFX to open up to new markets outside of the standard high end visual effects and computer graphics vertical markets by adding motion graphics design videos to its library. Seamless transition will be achieved for those migrating from film and gaming to broadcast media. You can check out the tutorial here: http://cmivfx.com/tutorials/view/421/Houdini+Connections For those of you not familiar with CMIVFX, they are one of the leading content producers for high end tutorials. I personally find their content to be excellent, and I am happy to be included as one of their mentors. I hope those of you who purchase the tutorial will feel the same way.
  2. Give it another shot. I find Houdini to be very stable. A lot of the stability is related to your OS and graphics card. Houdini has some very specific requirements, and the lower end cards and older OS's just can't handle the program that well.
  3. It's been awhile since I've seen it, but I recall Mirrormask being a completely "designed" film. Not too bad of a story, either. Not really motion graphics, but not necessarily a Hollywood style fx or animated film.
  4. Chinaski


    For what it's worth, the techniques described in this video are the best way to go about doing clouds (sorry, not in C4D's domain) that I've seen: http://cmivfx.com/tutorials/view/280/Houdini+Fractals I recently did some pretty cool cloud work on a project using the volume displacement technique. Hopefully I can post some of it in a month or so... Some other information (siggraph papers) here: http://tessendorf.org/reports.html
  5. Was not expecting to see my name on the board this morning... Thanks for the mention, Firemind! I know Jake used to be on the board. Not sure about David. I'm still around, lurking, but I almost never contribute to online discussions any more - either here or on cgtalk. Anyway, Bradley (gmunk) has some incredible process videos he cut together of all the work. I know he presented them at FITC. Hopefully, he'll get to show them online soon. As cool as the stuff in the film was, there's an incredible amount of awesome work done by the graphics team that did not end up in the film. I was only on for 3 months - Bradley, Jake, and David were there for the better part of a year, so those guys really deserve the lion's share of the credit. And, of course, Josh Nimoy, wrote some incredible processing apps that became the design backbone of a lot of the graphics work, as well. I'm glad to hear people like the work. It was a once in a lifetime experience and an incredibly rewarding project to work on
  6. Aside from Render Elements, I have a light lister plugin that a few people seem to really like. At the moment, the version is really old, compiled only for C4D 9.5 on mac. I'm hoping to update to 11+ 64bit at some point soon. You can download it and all my other plugins that I make publicly available on my technical repository site. I have some other odds-and-ends scripts that I'll probably add there at some point, as well.
  7. I can't help with the dynamics end of this, but I did want to mention that I am working right now on updating the destruction plugin. You can see my thread on cgtalk here. There's also a preview movie showing some of the updated functions here.
  8. Sounds like Houdini is not working so well with Snow Leopard at the moment. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=16738&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Looks like Sidefx is on top of it but needed an update from Apple.
  9. Blur did a bunch of them, if they are the ones I'm thinking of.
  10. This sounds really interesting. Will we be able to listen to it live or download a podcast later?
  11. Disable all textures in the viewport. Don't use enhanced open GL, just use regular open GL. Use layer browser to separate your scene into layers that can be turned on or off. Only keep on what you need. Don't just turn off visibility, turn off GENERATORS, turn off Object Manager, turn off Xpressions that do not need to be calculated. Display quick or constant shading. Don't display lines. Use proxies, use XRef's... Close all windows and managers except just the ones you need. Enable backface culling. Use low Level of Detail. Only display one view... These are all the ways I know of to make C4D viewport as fast as possible.
  12. Nice job, Stephen! Good to see you finally getting some time to work on your furniture designs. Congrats on the cut-and-paste, too!
  13. Hey man! Yep, things are pretty good here. Loving the freelance life The option you are looking for already exists in render elements, if I am understanding you correctly. Check the drop-down menu in the generate files section. There are several options for how to generate files. "As Save Project" should do what you are looking for. -Adam
  14. That was really well done. Nice work!
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