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  1. Sooooo...it's been a long time. Haven't been around much, but I thought I would at least post my newness to see if it drives me towards new work, or new input...something like that. Love it or hate it, BOY:1:DER is dead and sureMOE! lives on. Hope you all are doing well! http://www.suremoe.com/
  2. It looks like the second picture is auto lighting and the first picture is what happens when you put light in your scene. You need to either move your texture to the luminance channel instead of the color channel, or you need to put some lights in there that are including only the two balls through the "Scene" tab in your individual light settings. That should get you where you need to be. sureMOE!
  3. Anybody out there taken this for a spin. There is no OS X version yet, but I thought maybe the PC guys have demoed it. Anybody know how the complexity stacks up against something like VRay. Thanks! http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=121&t=930446 sureMOE!
  4. I think this generalized thinking was more spot on a number of years ago, but now that 3D has become ingrained as a major part of the mograph work flow, photorealism becomes that lofty goal to achieve. Plus being able to do crazy moves with a device that looks like it's been filmed can have a really surrealistic style to it. I am rendering iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches everyday and always trying to find more ways to make them look as real as possible. I have also been interested in other renders to give the products I work on that added level of realism because I feel like there is a tiny bit of a CG look to everything I create in C4D with the built-in renderer, plus our aluminum texture is a bitch to nail. On a side note...have any of you tried fryrender? The images I have seen make it look out of this world! Anybody like to share? http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=121&t=930446 sureMOE!
  5. Do you have any quicktimes being used as textures? This is one way to bring up the "Out of Memory" error super fast. The alternative would be to use image sequences as textures.
  6. I always liked the grain in magic bullet suite. It seemed to add the grain to only the dark areas and never the bright white areas, which always seemed much more realistic to me.
  7. I will be testing one starting this week. I will try and post here what kind of performance gain I see. I would guess the answer to your question about performance gain would depend on how much 3D animating or 2k/4k/1080p machine-crushing work you do. If you are just doing average AE work, you probably won't see as much gain as you would like for the money you are investing. It may be your best bet at this point to invest in a secondary render box as stated before. I will have the box under my desk, alongside my OctoCore Nehalem setup and both will have at least 16GB of RAM. I will also be testing CS4 against CS5 and C4D 11.5. I can try and post some numbers when I get the tests done. sureMOE!
  8. You can try and bake the animation with a mograph cache tag, but that tag doesn't always work for everything in mograph land. If you are using a random effector, I believe, it can't be properly cached by the mograph cache tag. If you use that tag and it works for your scene, there's a good chance that you should be able to render a frame at a time. The downside of some of those mathmatically intense tools in C4D is that the program requires the prior frame to be calculated in order for the frame you are on to work. For example, if you open your scene and just go to frame 75, for many of the tools, your scene will require frame 74 to be calculated in order to calculate frame 75. And in order for frame 74 to be calculated, it will need to have calculated frame 73, etc, etc, etc. This is what the mograph cache tag tries to resolve. Good luck getting your render out! sureMOE!
  9. I have been working for 3 months trying to get a decent AE render farm going that would do multi-machine sequences and actually save time. The problem is that Adobe has extremely antiquated code for their render engine and even admitted to me and my colleagues in an email as so. The skipping frames doesn't actually skip until after the machine has rendered the full frame and checked to see if another exists while it tries to write that frame. After months of working with a farm of 10 Xserves that work perfectly fine for C4D and trying to configure them to run an AE farm as well, it is my conclusion that the AE render engine setup is a gigantic piece of crap and you will not find any time saving by setting it to skip existing frames...it might as well go ahead and write those frames, since it pretty much does anyways...right before it throws them away. sureMOE!
  10. I figured it out for you and included a scene file. It's a combination of using the spline text tool with extrude nurbs, placing that into a fracture object with the mograph collider tag and putting the texture in the right place. Grab the scene file from my iDisk here: http://public.me.com/schurmo Good luck! sureMOE!
  11. Try and jack your AA settings way up. Try something like 4x8. That will probably make a lot of the chatter disappear. Any time I deal with chrome, it seems crawling and chattering comes from low AA. sureMOE!
  12. Keyframe your gravity or use external forces. If you have gravity set to 0, your objects aren't going to go anywhere. If you take away your forces, it should act like your objects are floating in space. You bring that gravity back, or you put a force object in there later on in the timeline and you can get your mograph objects to start doing that whole dynamic dance. sureMOE!
  13. It's better in reflection situations to use the composite tags to INCLUDE the objects you want to reflect ON TO instead of exclude. The reason being is that if you add a new object to a scene it will reflect in that object by default. But if you INCLUDE that object in reflections, it will only reflect in objects you tell it to. That was a bit of a brain bender. sureMOE!
  14. Sweet...I'll be there!...errr, wait. Nevermind.
  15. Hey Adam, long time no talk! How's it going? I hear you left Blur and went freelance, that's pretty cool! So, I have been using your RenderElements plugin...which is super cool, btw!...and I was wondering if you were thinking of making a setting to allow collecting each render set to a separate folder to allow for dumping to a net render setup. We have found a trick where you can collect projects to a specific folder in the Net Render folder on our Renderfarm, and Cinema will automatically create qued jobs for them. So, when I use your plugin to collect, the farm doesn't understand having multiple scene files in the same folder. Can you think of a workaround for this? Thanks a ton! Hope all is going well. Aaron Schurman UPDATE: Okay, I spoke to soon. I figured out how to save out separate folders. This is a very cool plugin, thanks again for your hard work! You get this all finalized and I am sure I could get Apple to buy some copies. Take it easy bro!
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