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  1. What's wrong with Flipswitch Inc.? Just do that.
  2. hyp3, the MographWiki has never had a 'cream of the crop' section. It's meant to be an all inclusive directory of all things/people mograph related. Great work so far, Aromakat+company.
  3. State based salaries in the new survey are already giving more accurate sounding results. 70-75K median in NY. (only 500 responses so far)
  4. Me and silatix have meetups monthly which are announced via facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=96841632074
  5. The loins from which mograph.net sprung!
  6. If you want tor rehash old arguments Monkey, I better see your ass at the meetup tomorrow. And bring your drinking face.
  7. Also, you may not like the survey results, but a little info is better than none at all. It's just the first step, and should be read with appropriate cynicism. Who knows, in a few years we could get results in the tens of thousands.
  8. If a client used this survey to try and pay me less than what I personally consider fair I would not want to work with that client. There will always be cheapskates in this industry, just stick to your guns. I think it's a valiant effort, and the new survey is a step in the right direction. I'm making sure everyone I work with fills it out. Go Bran!
  9. Oh and I wasn't kidding about the lens flares: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfiCqYuC4W8
  10. Monkey, we've got a guy at Hornet trying to work on some kinnect hacks. Hopefully we'll have something before Motionographer becomes inundated with point cloud virtual music video antics.
  11. Resurgence of clean abstract vectors. But with a touch of three dimensionality. Oh, and even more lens flares.
  12. MTV used to farm out a LOT of its on air branding stuff to shops around the world. These shops would take on the jobs at a loss for the chance to work on such a well known and creative brand. Thus seeing MTVs logo on everyone's reels.
  13. Very interesting thread, and like many of you I have had this exact thought/conversation before (Monkey, you'll remember). For many, including myself, mograph has become a job. (albeit a great one, as monovich said) You can't keep obsessively collecting reels forever. Every now and then there's something new that shines bright, but that flame is quickly extinguished by endless copycats. I do think mograph has a lot of potential as an art form, people with great design sensibilities getting into an art world that is bereft of design sensibility would be AWESOME. I think I'd be much more interested in a forum that focused on that. New software and c4d techniqes doesn't really draw me. I don't remember if the old mograph was less technical than it is now, but it felt that way. After a while people got tired of saying 'go to creative cow.' I do miss the dozen page argument threads, ironically. Pink dogs, global warming, and rip-offs made mograph what it is. I don't think that part of it will ever come back (even with clintvideo still lurking).
  14. There are quite a few threads about monitors, I think one of them mentions a line of Dell LED's that use the same specs as the apple monitors. I'd look for those as they'll be cheaper AND have a matte finish.
  15. Knowledge: http://www.mographwiki.net/Bookings_and_Holds
  16. Go to meetups and shake some hands. As has been mentioned before, if someone's busy they'll refer the job to a friend. It gets exponentially better as you meet more people. And to finegrits point: studios absolutely prioritize freelancers who've worked there before. But in between the 'stable' and the strangers there are the recommendations of the stable. It's very helpful to occupy that rung and up.
  17. ok a2visual, i'm listening. want to put out some feelers on our behalf re: rates, timeframe etc?
  18. Yes there's definitely math in design. And there's lots of math in compositing (which I do heavily). But I've been able to get away with working around the math and approaching problems visually and intuitively. GUI's have helped tremendously to this effect. I prefer not to work outside of a GUI, as I feel it would ultimately be more limiting than empowering, for me personally.
  19. Creative League almost gets this right, btw. But it's a very buggy interface and the location tags aren't easy to search through. Anyone involved with them on mograph.net?
  20. From what I've witnessed of Linux users, you need to have a thorough understanding of your operating system to use it. That means knowing how to run things at the command line, not only through the GUI. That's frankly too much to ask for even the most accomplished designers and compositors. Speaking for myself, I suck at math. It's why I got into the arts. And I don't think you can suck at math and run Linux or any programming inclined OS.
  21. Mographwiki could be a truly useful site, I could potentially donate money in the future. The key though, is finding trustworthy coders. Not sure I'd want to hire overseas for this sort of thing, I'd like someone easy to track down for tech support and updates.
  22. Yeah, once you close the window you can't revert back to an older instance of the effect. My guess is because it has to open a separate app within after effects - so generic commands work only while the optical flares interface is running. Make sure to make lots of presets, I usually have 3-4 presets I work off of, in addition to the ones that come with the plugin.
  23. Very nice! I've already been meaning to learn nuke, and this is even more incentive to do so.
  24. One thing that really stands out and you can quickly revise is the main type color. The red to orange palette is not vibing at all with the rest of your spot. I would go for something simpler, play around with some other tones. Off the top of my head I'd suggest trying something in the blue range to complement the sky. Or green to complement the natural background. Other things: kitchen scene. That type on the table with stars overlayed is terrrrible. Maybe try designing the type to look like the flour the boy is pouring. Might look better vertically placed rather than skewed onto the table. The scene stays on the establishing shot for too long, you should cut into the mom pouring stuff into the bowl sooner. The cuts you chose for the sequence leading up to the pancake stack are very confusing. Cutting from one angle of the bowls to a completely different angle than back is just going to jar the viewer. Simplify. Simplicity is your friend. This is what is making the spot feel rushed. If you're going to keep the first camera move on the volcano the science should already be in the shot instead of sliding on. gives the viewer more time to read it. There are some really weird wave glitches in the ark scene. They seem to be popping between states. You've got your work cut out for you. But if you keep at it and retain the advice from this thread you'll be fine.
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