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  1. Ahhhhhhh Bingo. Thanks a lot guys. Monkey your the man! or primate. I totally forgot to interpret that footage as 60.
  2. Hi guys, I'm having trouble understanding why my exported aec (camera) file out of c4d is not matching in AE. When I add a plane in AE with the null information out of c4d the plane seems to be off when the camera rotates. Any ideas. Here is the scene file. Did i miss a crucial step? Thanks for all the help. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5651938/Tape_1_2.c4d source file if you need it.
  3. yeah I know about using the depth without AA on but I still manage to get some sharp edges. Either way it's good to know what you guys prefer. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to get some opinions on which one you guys prefer when using depth of field. Do you apply it in the 3d package (like c4d depth post effect) or do you render a depth pass and apply it in compositing (AE)? I've tried get clean image out of AE with frischluft lens care but I always get a little artifacting around the edges. So I'm wondering which do the pros prefer to get the best looking DOF in their projects? Thanks for the info.
  5. ok I got it. Yeah I wasn't sure if I was missing a 1080p 30/60. Yeah it was the interlacing causing the aliasing. Making display 720p60 and scaling down worked. Thanks a lot for all the help.
  6. the Hp monitor is HP 2509s and the tv is sharp aquos. The footage is a render from c4d at 30fps 1920x1080. Yeah I tried going hdmi to my hp monitor and it does the same thing (alias), but when hook it back up to see AE and preview it full screen it looks good. So I think now it must be a seetting I'm missing from AE or BM. Is there a control panel for the card that I missed? Which ae setting in video preview do you use for a 30fps 1920x1080 comp?
  7. my main computer monitor is an HP. The HDTV is a 1080p sharp. The weird thing is that it looks alieased on both when coming out of the intensity card. When I use AE and see it in a full screen preview on my HP monitor it looks great. So I know that it's not the monitors making causing the trouble. So I was wondering if maybe I missed a step or maybe got a bad card.
  8. Yeah I checked all the settings and everything seems to be okay on the tv side. I hooked up the hdmi out to my computer monitor to see if it was the tv and it looked the same. So in out ae to the computer monitor looks great, but out of the Intensity card to the same monitor (via hdmi) looks crappy. So if it's not supposed to be like that then the card must be doing something wrong.
  9. So I got the Intesity Pro Last week and am now just getting around to using. I had no problems setting it up but noticed that the previews out of AE have some aliasing. The image output doesn't look as sharp as my monitor (tv and monitor same size and resolution 1080p). Did I do something wrong or is that the way this card looks?
  10. Great, really appreciate the info guys. Does anyone else have any experience with this card? I'm planning on getting it tonight.
  11. Cool, yeah I think that's what im looking for. Have you tried it or have any experience with it?
  12. yeah, but I guess I don't want to use it as another monitor but as just a preview monitor. I already have two monitors going out of an nvida card.
  13. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had a set up like this that could give me some suggestions. I have an extra tv with HDMI connections and wanted to see if I could use it as an external monitor. I know I can be done with a kona 3, but that's a bit expensive. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. Thanks. I'm using after effects and c4d. If your using someones music then maybe you can find a way to cut it down or ask your friend to cut it for you.
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