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  1. It's looking pretty hot; nice work. Only suggestion I have would be to have some slight camera movement to give it a more organic feel and also animate the "7eaven" section a bit more (having the angel wings flap, etc.). I'd also consider using different fonts for the "7evil" and "7eaven" text, something more edgy for the former and something more light and ethereal for the latter. The design elements look stellar though.
  2. I was starting to think I was the only person out there who liked Mobius Band... I just posted my ten favorites albums of this year on my blog--http://spittingoutteeth.blogspot.com
  3. Last day as a professional mographer.....**sniff** No, really I'm psyched--I'm going to be in Chicago for five of the next seven weeks training for my new job. I've never been there & I heard it's a great city. And in my free time at the hotel, I'll be doing mograph work for a music video and a friend's film project, so I get to stay on my game. I'll still be posting to mograph, so I'll chat with you all soon!
  4. It's Spanish, for "a whale's vagina".
  5. Then what are you complaining about youngin? I would have killed to have had the opportunity to do design or mograph stuff when I was in high school....way back in the days of George H.W. Bush. It was a different word back then... **song "turn turn turn" by the byrds starts playing**
  6. I'm always so torn when it comes to giving advice about art education....I'm always somewhere in the middle between "I could have never gotten to where I am today without college" and "I could have been really good at what I do if I would have skipped college & just got into the industry earlier".
  7. "I'm not going to get into a mac PC thing. It's just my opinion. I hate spotlight just because the shortcut for it conflicts with the shortcuts for zooming in & out of a canvas in PS & AI." Just so you know, this can be very easily changed by right-clicking on the spotlight icon & changing the shortcut keys in the preferences.
  8. It's a damn shame. Threadless had so much potential to be great, but as you said, the designs that get chosen are either generic crap or stupid pseudo-hip slogans. They've basically become a Hot Topic for non-goth kids. It's like the next small step up from wearing a "Pedro for Class President" t-shirt. I'm hoping places like Oddica start to expand; places that have an innovative sense of fashion design and actually print onto decent t-shirts, unlike the crappy Hanes Beefies that Threadless uses. I guess the best way to do it is just to start a website, buy a silkscreening kit & sell your designs yourself using PayPal or something.
  9. Wow...try working full-time in house & salaried. This sounds like EVERY project I've ever worked on....only I can't charge the incompetent client & I have no choice on whether I work with them again. Oh wait I do--I forgot I just gave my two-week's notice
  10. It's so great playing Devil's Advocate...I even get Fred to say something serious!
  11. But why does this require the socialization/collective element of "religion"? Why should "having faith" necessarily have to be associated with "belonging to a club"? I just ask because I know a lot of very spiritual people who don't belong to a church, a religion or wear their faith on their sleeve and they seem perfectly content with it. I just don't understand the need to cross the line into evangelicalism and dogmatism. I guess what I'm really asking is why is there a need for religion in the first place?
  12. I strongly recommend the book "Cinema 4D: The Artist's Project Sourcebook" by Anne Powers. I don't know if they've updated lately, but the edition I have is for v.8. I used it with v.9, and after getting used to the interface and menus being slightly different from the text, it was a HUGE help in learning the basics of Cinema 4D and made me much more confident to experiment on my own afterwards.
  13. Don't get me started on Friedman.... And you're right, more key figures in the Islamic world (political leaders, clerics, etc.) need to speak up & condemn terrorist actions. The problem is that what the Western world considers "terrorism" and what a lot of Muslims consider "Freedom Fighting" is closely linked in many cases. It's easy to condemn individual acts, but a blanket condemnation is difficult. For example, it's easy to say you condemn Bin Laden's actions on 9/11, but harder to condemn Hezbollah's actions in Palestine and Lebannon. I think that's why many leaders have been reluctant to say anything. It's only my opinion, but I really think this world would be a lot better off without religion. What do you get by socializing faith other than mob mentality, dogmatism & political interest groups? This is seriously a question, because I'm interested in the answer.
  14. ROFL MC Smiley. It's amazing what a cult following (or should I say cult hatred) he has in Montreal. I was buying a six pack at a Couche Tarde once & the guy who rang me up, upon seeing my VT ID, went off for a good 15 minutes about how he wanted to kill Tom Messner. I actually worked on a pro-bono community service piece with Tom once. Let's just say he's not always smiley...
  15. Voted. I gave it a 5; it's a nice design & I'd wear it.
  16. "Do you think Fox News would actually broadcast a "moderate Muslim decrying...terrorism". It would not make a very exciting story would it?" We must be watching/reading/listening to very different news programs, because I've heard Muslims decrying terrorism on numerous occasions. The point of the Islamic faith is to be peaceful & good, not to wage Jihad, and Islamic leaders have been condemning the acts of Bin Laden and other terrorist acting in the name of Islam for years. If you're using Fox News (which, I'm sorry, is a complete joke & it's certainly not journalism) as your main source of information about the world, you're severely limiting your world view. (This isn't addressed to basilisk of course, but the author of the statement he is responding to).
  17. Not evil. Just greedy, violent and ignorant. God Bless America!
  18. A lot of blood has been shed in the name of the Christian/Catholic god throughout history, both directly and indirectly. And considering we're getting closer by the day to a modern-era Crusades.... And I didn't ever say anything about physical violence or Christian "terrorism" in the first place (though I'm sure there are a few widows of murdered OBGYNs who could show you its existence)--I'm SCARED of Fundamentalist Christians because they are a bigger threat to my "American Way of Life" than Islamic terrorists. The Taliban wasn't responsible for voting Bush into office or keeping gay marriage illegal or cutting funding to PBS because of a "lack of faith-based programming". That was our own little zealots housed in our own country. I'll restate--I'm more afraid of Fundamentalist Christianity than Fundamentalist Islam.
  19. What's scary is they're instilling in their children a basis of understanding of the world which is extremely limited, anti-intellectual and utilizes fear as a method for understanding & to limit questioning what is being taught to them. As the woman in the trailer says, there are two types of people in the world: those who believe in Jesus and those who don't. And they're imposing on these kids at a very impressionable age the idea that the ones who don't believe burn in hell. That's a heck of a mind fuck to pull on a five-year old. It's not the "faith" that I have a problem with these parents' handing down to their kids. It's the religion, ideology and intellectual terrorism that they are imposing on them.
  20. RAT TAILS! Sweet! I can almost smell the Trapper Keeper vinyl... Seriously though, the people running that indoctrination camp are scum. Fundamentalist Christians scare me a hell of a lot more than Fundamentalist Muslims.
  21. I currently work for the defense industry--it's just a different target.
  22. God, I hope that's not typical for you....that's heart attack hours right there. There's no way in hell I'd work more than 60 hours a week for less than 100k (150k is it's city money)
  23. Typically it's 8-5 with an hour lunch break, but it varies week to week. Right now I'm working on two major projects & I'll probably put in 70-80 hours this week and the same the next.
  24. I agree with govinda; there's not much in the way of original ideas in his work. Politically motivated graffiti and pastiche hasn't really been that interesting to me since I was 18 reading Chomsky and discovering post-modernism. It doesn't surprise me that celebs are drawn to it though--they can plunk down a bunch of money on something that makes them feel "subversive", while not having to actually embrace anything that truly is. That said, the guy is obviously very productive and prolific, which is somthing I respect. It's just too bad that he's nothing more artistically and ideologically than the bastard mutt love child of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Guy Debord.
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