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  1. I use a wordpress installation using a free plugin to manage permissions and client areas. It is damn handy to be able to have everyone access stuff whenever via their own login in a system that I control. Admittedly this probably isn't for everyone (I do more web based stuff than static visual assets anymore), but keeping everything under an easily controlled database keeps things easy to manage.
  2. hmm. never saw an email notice on this thread. I havent oc'd at all, as after a certain point it just isn't worth the effort/insecurity Once you see this (screencap), and get no real tangible difference in performance when using multiple applications concurrently, it's just not a concern. The modern Xeons essentially 'auto overclock' on their own ('turboboost'), if the power supply and cooling are up to it. I can hear it, but it doesn't bother me at all. It's mostly vid card noise. When I have time/energy i'll lookat replacing the cooler, but it just doesnt bother me --it's a very, very low hum in one of these cases
  3. I was going to say... if Xeon doesnt support USB3, than what's with all the blue ports on my Motherboard? No surprise about thunderbolt.
  4. Wait a sec... just to clarify, the xeon platform doesn't support USB3, or the OS doesnt?
  5. i feel exactly the same. about windows. i was a mac devotee for years... and then windows 2000 hit. the severe lack of system overhead was amazing, and the ability to fully use alll of my monitors real estate while customizing the desktop just changed my direction in 1 months time.
  6. i have a habit of leaving all apps open. 3ds max will be rendering, while i work in ps/ai/dw highest load ive seen so far is ~30gb. Given i usually upgrade every 2-4 years, i'm sure ill be feeling a pinch in 2015. supermicro x9dai (no, I wouldnt reccomend it) and 6*8gb kingston non-ecc.
  7. Hmm. Funny the timing. I just did the $2500 number for a new PC build. I know just what it buys you in terms of performace and capacity: Dual 6-core processors, 48gb ram, 8TB total HD space in Raid 1, 256gb boot SSD Nvidia 560ti, Nvidia 520 (for third monitor). I bought a gtx680 card first, but really, unless I had over 25 million polys in scene (3ds max), I really couldnt tell a performace difference, even then, the difference had to be sought out. PhysX simulations performed remarkably similar as well. I returned it for the 'lower end' card and saved a few hundred. The price/performace ratio is great these days if you roll your own. If you buy a ready-made machine in the same family as this, You are either getting a stripped down low-end mac or an ok windows machine.
  8. Wasn't the Quadro 1800 based off the GeForce 8600? I am thinking it was it was an entry level card in the pro world. Classically, Quadro cards shine not in standard view port performance tests, but more as when they are used as a dedicated processing unit in dynamics simulations and rendering. I seem to recall that they did quite well in higher polygon count scenes (10million+), as they usually contain much more on-board ram. It's been some time since i looked at them though.
  9. So.. you are willing to pay money for a product that you have already professed a lack of use for? Isn't this just voting with your dollars that it is worth buying now?
  10. awesome. thanks for the input people. i got away with doing a texture based layout in 3dsmax, and it was ok, but I definitively would like some more options in the future.
  11. I've got a weird project where the client wants to mimic the engraving style of something like this: http://upload.wikime...006_Obverse.jpg (big image) I have a process down in illustrator from a past project (basically layers of parallel lines with masks) , but have no idea where to begin for a more streamlined/automated process Any thoughts?
  12. gotta love quicktime. The Windows Quicktime bug fix: if your colors are washed out, 1. Open the file in QT 2. Window>"Show Movie Properties" 3. Select "Video Track" (just highlight it) 4. Click "Visual Settings" tab 5. Use the "Transparency" drop-down to select "Straight Alpha" 6. Close window, and "File>Save". Buying Quicktime will not solve this error on either platform.
  13. 6bit display? no BluRay drive? one 7200rpm drive option? 330m intel integrated graphics as the only option? and extra $150 just to not have ridiculous amounts of glare? for hardware, they seem to be less pro than they used to be --especially at twice the price.
  14. greenscreening it wouldnt really do much help unles you were puttin them into an entirely fabricated environment. really, its a matter of masking the individual players cleanly and matching the light and defocusing. it's all about refinement and integration now. what you have shown is a step in the right direction, the only thing that directly pops out at me the the flat lighting of the floating objects --they definately dont seem to be lit from the same source as the rest of the environment.
  15. Considering the moves arent exactly "advanced", and your choice of representative sample is a bit suspect in content and quality, dont expect many responses. And really, therer are a veritable plethora of tutorials aimed at exactly what you are referring to here: http://tinyurl.com/2v6rk44
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