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  1. matt

    Bomb Guy

    Hey There, Great work on this, I really liked your texturing. The only slow part for me was the cloud "bad guy" in the beginning. It seemed a bit too flat for your animation.
  2. matt

    london based animator

    Great work mate! I really enjoyed the paper stop motion spots. Nice polish on everything.
  3. I'm going to re-enforce the fact it's just photos + puppet tool. About 3/4 through you can see his left hand bend backwards a bit, this would be pretty impossible for a human with normal bone structure to do. This video is amazingly done, great job!
  4. Hey Monkey, Mike and Anthony dissolved the company but they are still grinding out great stuff and have their work up at: www.facefaceface.com & www.anthonyhurd.com
  5. matt

    First Ever Reel

    Great stuff, the cel animations were nicely done and I liked your movie titles.
  6. I really liked the woman blowing smoke, nicely done.
  7. matt

    Some frames

    The pantone cards on the pink frame are so hot!
  8. holy hell that was slick! I liked the dynamics on the balls dropping at the end.
  9. matt

    New Site - Old Reel

    Sounds cool to me - I'm in West Loop.
  10. matt

    New Site - Old Reel

    Thanks Ken...are you enjoying the blizzard
  11. matt

    New Site - Old Reel

    Thanks guys! Paulo - I'm sorry, I don't have the mouse scroll thing working. I know what you mean though, a few people have mentioned this as well. Hopefully it won't be too painful.
  12. Hey there... I've been absent for awhile but I have been busy. I finally got a new site up after almost a couple years. Unfortunately, there is no new reel as of yet, hopefully soon. There's not a ton of motion work as I've been doing more interactive projects. Let me know what you think! Good Growth
  13. He originally used Cinema 4d for his 3d work. Start checking out tutorials and experimenting on your own.
  14. matt


    Great work! I really like the build of the site.
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