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  1. Not sure where I should post this. But I wanted to know if one of the administrators would be able to assist me with changing my current profile name on the forum? Thanks!
  2. No worries. Thought I would bring it up here... Thank you for the kind words. Btw: You have some great tutorials there!
  3. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there are no longer local designers, listed when you do a city search? Only studios are listed.
  4. That good to know. Much appreciated Sao!
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. In terms of quality of renders and file size, are both qt pro and compressor essentially the same? If so, I may go with qt pro then. And Sao Bento - thanks for the heads up in regards of Adobe Media Encoder. Is it safe to say that the CS5 version is solid as well, or only CS6?
  6. Hi folks, I am currently looking for an efficient way to compress my animation renders. Is there a certain reason why I should invest in one of these programs over the other? Or should I just purchase both?
  7. Great reel Seru! Keep it up.
  8. I would be open to the idea of having a minimalist Wacom model which did not have any ExpressKeys. With doing so, you might be able to add some additional drawing space to each tablet model and drop the price slightly.
  9. As much as i enjoy the idea of not having to deal with long wire cords. I agree that a lot of wireless products (based off personally experience) suffer from huge lag delays.
  10. It is good to know that i am not the only one who has noticed the recent updates.
  11. Received an email this morning from Wacom in regards of their new Intous5. Details here: http://wacom.com/en/Products/Intuos.aspx Maybe it`s just me, but seems that they are updating their line of products more often these days.
  12. I think this issue may be just isolated to me unfortunately. ;/
  13. Saw this posted on Ventilate.ca not too long ago. Very impressive!
  14. Hmmm... it might just my serial then. I will make an appointment at my local Mac store before purchasing it again. Thanks for informing me Chris!
  15. I think i will have to purchase a copy of Compressor in that case or something... At least so that i can export my movies with proper compression.
  16. Is it just me, or has anyone had issues registering QuickTime 7 Pro on Lion OSX? I used the same serial number with both Leopard and Snow Leopard, however it no longer works. Even tried speaking with Apple tech support, which suggested to confirm that i am imputing the right information only. Btw: On another note, i wasn't aware that you can save QuickTime movies without having QTPro on Lion as well. Nice, but odd.
  17. My process would be similar to Mr. Glanz. Regardless of it be a client or self initiated project, i do not touch anything digital until i brain storm a few ideas in written out, (point form of key words or fully developed concept) following after wards with a rough doodle to see if my idea is going to work or not. Lately however, i have been designing boards in AE, which is something i never did till this year. I am also curious to what other people process is like.
  18. I dig the new logo! however i am not sure if it necessarily works with the content that Comedy Central provides. I would definitely need to see more examples of this new logo in context with various mediums of their new branding before i can make an official decision on it.
  19. Looking forward to this month event.
  20. Gui - Thanks for the prompt reply. Ideally what i would like to do is 2) cover the surface of an object with smoke. However i am not sure exactly of the steps needed to do so... even after looking at your .jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2294519/Capture2.jpg J Montreuil - I assume the pyro cluster (smoke object) would be the material in the case. I have not come across a procedural smoke texture.
  21. I was wondering if somebody may have the answer to this question. Is it possible to apply smoke in C4D using: - Volume - Pyro - Emiiter - Environment to an inanimate object for ie: Plane, Car or even House?
  22. Finegrit is right. Imaginary Forces created this year gfx package. http://www.imaginaryforces.com/featured/6
  23. Congrats on getting both your site and reel up and running. Looking good Kev!
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