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  1. Hey guys n gals, I'm presently working on learning how to light a scene w/ a logo i have. I like what i have going right now, however i'd like to be able to increase the brightness of the txt a more whiter tone than grey. View here: http://www.ryan-massiah.com/game-on_logo.jpg Example of what i am aiming for: http://www.lostproject.net/media/storyboar...nd/frame_13.jpg http://www.lostproject.net/media/storyboar...eam/team_08.jpg I have 3 point light setup and i am using GI. As for my material i am using 'Danel' with my color and spec set to white. So how would i make this logo more white instead of grey.
  2. Great works there David! You're 3D and animation skills never cease to amaze me, especially considering you been in this less than a year.
  3. I wanted to include http://www.jingproject.com by Tech Smith and is a free service (for now).
  4. Thanks for posting the link TinaPinxit. I was looking for some sort of coverage on this event. Very nice!
  5. Sorry if i wasn't clear in my previous post. I downloaded a material shader from http://justinbates.com/C4D.html site and all is fine and dandy. However the file is actually a .c4d. What would be ideal is to apply this the same way that you would apply any other material shader. For ie: 'Danel'. Now looking at it again... my shader also contains a bitmap img, so i don't think it will work as a shader in this case but as a 'material preset' that i could use for future projects. Btw: Thanks for the tip in regards to dragging my file into the content browser.
  6. Any advice on creating a shader in C4D? I presently have a .c4d file which i'd like to use anytime within the content browser or material manager, not sure if it is possible to convert a .c4d to a .lib4d
  7. Damn you are serious about the Red Bulls! HEHE Nah honestly... thanks for documenting and sharing the behind-the-scene footage. Very cool.
  8. I am really considering signing up for the Cinema 4D and Design course vs. Cinversity. Would it be smart to enroll in FXPHD w/ attending school (full-time post-grad) as well, or should you just focus w/ the online course?
  9. I was going to suggest Vistek as well. http://www.vistek.ca/rentals/rentalequipme...x?categoryId=30 You might want to check out the following: http://post-in-toronto.on.ca/leveltwo.cgi?category=avid http://www.tofcpug.com/ http://number9.ca/
  10. ahh! - thanks for pointing that out as well the_Monkey.
  11. You ROCK Chris! What you mentioned worked perfectly. =D Fixed results here: http://www.ryan-massiah.com/txt_render_final.mov (first 2 frames are now gone by using the mograph cache tag)
  12. Is it common for C4D to render out 2 additional frames at the beginning of a rendered movie? In my particular situation using the mograph text object. View movie here: http://www.ryan-massiah.com/txt_render.mov (Scrub between the first two frames. These do not show up in my editor, only when i render out.) Additonal first frame which i don't see in the editor: http://www.ryan-massiah.com/txt_frame.jpg
  13. Sort off topic... but if you want to use the Mograph text tool, i don't think an imported .ai file will work. I could be wrong.
  14. I'm not a Maya expert, but have you checked your 'normals'? Make sure that they are facing correctly.
  15. whewww! Thanks a bunch for the suggestions everyone. I was sweating bullets there for a sec. Actually F4 did the job.
  16. I recently ran into a situation where i can no longer view an object's property value within after effects. Is there a way to restore it back to it's original sittings? View here: http://www.ryan-massiah.com/ae-timeline_screengrab.jpg
  17. I was with Media Temple back in the days when their package were smaller... but now days the smallest package that they offer is Grid Service for $20 a month w/ 100 GBs. For me personally, that is just way too much storage. So it all depends.
  18. Dreamhost.com dude. You know you can't go wrong. Great service.
  19. Looks interesting. Seems similar to Robert Penner's easing equation for Flash.
  20. Very well executed. I look forward to seeing more work from this gang.
  21. the_Monkey - right on! i wasn't aware of the points you listed between Path Deformer and and Spline Wrap. Well hopefully in a future release... definitely interesting to hear people's thoughts.
  22. Now that both Hair and Mograph module have been out for quite sometime do people still use Renato's Fast Fur and Path Deformer plugins?
  23. Came across the following link over the weekend. Doesn't appear to be too new, but i enjoyed watching the testimonials. http://www.3dreseller.com/tools.asp Testimonial w/ BUCK http://www.3dreseller.com/tools-player.asp.../reel/tBuck.mov
  24. Sup William - welcome aboard dude! Like the reel... especially the first piece w/ the girl. Btw: Your main domain doesn't work.
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