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  1. Do as i always do and post a sticker http://www.design-police.org
  2. Yessss! Thank you Mikeh64. Totally forgot that you can toggle on/off the 4 attribute buttons to the left. Much appreciated! =D
  3. I am aware of setting keyframes that way for selected attributes (For ie: Position), however i was hoping if there was another way of doing this from within the timeline by clicking "Cltrl + RMB" and having C4D create tracks for only the Position property, and not Position, Scale, and Rotation.
  4. Within C4D, is there a way to set keyframes for selected attributes ONLY using "Cltrl / RMB" on the timeline or Auto Keyframes? (Without using the attribute editor, but a global preference) I just find it annoying that when i set a keyframe on the timeline that i get multiple tracks for properties i didn't keyframe. I know this is possible within Maya. Hope that this makes sense.
  5. I know that the reviews for '07 tour were not the greatest, however i am stoked that they have included Toronto for '08. About freakin time! =]
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! 1. Makes sense. I'll start incorporating the use of AE into conceptual process instead of just final animations. 2. Even though there are online resources etc, it would be nice if there were some case studies or something. I know that Trokia and Trollback do a lot of branding exercises. I'll keep searching for this one... And funny enough i came across this today http://www.amazon.com/Broadcast-Design-01-...6664&sr=8-1 3. This is great! Didn't know what this consisted of and how much it can vary. 4. Sweet! I've been going back n forth between the 2, but masks it is from now on. =] 5. Can't believe i missed this. Thanks a bunch.
  7. 1. Do you guys use AE a lot in the creation of style frames and boards? 2. Where can i find books/case studies examples of broadcast branding (such lower 3rds etc)? 3. What is consisted in a show package? 4. For animating on/off text or gfx, is it better to use 'masks' or 'transition fx' such as 'linear wipes'? (what are the pros & cons)? 5. Within C4D, is it possible to modify the size of the gizmo?
  8. Neue Method®


    Issue 4 is now available online.
  9. This is great news! Hopefully in future versions of After Effects that option will be available within the Render Queue.
  10. Is there an hidden option to render qt movies from AE or C4D with 'Fast Start' streaming? I hate always having to render my qt from either application then export them again from qt pro.
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone. After viewing the animation several times i've decided to add the 'vibrate' tag only to main speaker as 'Haley' suggested and to manually animate the speakers height up n down to give me more control with the animation. Again, much appreciated for comments.
  12. I recently began picking up C4D starting with modeling the following speaker http://maxon.digitalmedianet.com/articles/...le.jsp?id=69056 However i decided to take it a step further and actually try to animate it bouncing up n down using the 'vibrate' tag. Thing is.... when i viewed my animation, it felt awkward and unnatural. I can't pin-point what exactly is causing this unnatural movement, but if anyone has advice on adjusting the movement of this, it would be greatly appreciated. With Shadow and Motion Blur: http://www.ryan-massiah.com/speakerbounce_shadow-mblur.mov Without Shadow: http://www.ryan-massiah.com/speakerbounce.mov
  13. http://www.videocopilot.net/basic/ae_introduction.html
  14. Hey guys! I've been meaning to post back here sooner. First of all, thanks for the feedback and comments everyone. A lot of the feedback was unanimous across the board and i totally agree with points such as: 1) pacing 2) more vibrant audio track 3) lack of z-space depth (Huge!) 4) leave the interactive pieces out PauloBlob, you're correct. I haven't tapped into the motion realm all that much hence the reason for why the majority of my work is interactive. With saying that, the next several projects down the pipeline will change that as they will be designed from conception to be full-on motion pieces instead of using designs created in the past that were never really intended for motion. Overall i knew this was going to be my last update/version of www.neue-method.com and i really wanted to put together a collection of works i've created over the years within AE before moving onto new things. Any new works from now on can be viewed here at www.ryan-massiah.com Thanks again - as the comments were very informative. Now i'm officially off too Vegas! ;] Cheers!
  15. Hey folks, I just recently updated my portfolio site Neue Method w/ bunch of recent projects including my first reel. Let me know your thoughts on both, but more in particular the reel/montage. Thanks! Site: http://www.neue-method.com Montage: http://neue-method.commotion/montage_07.html
  16. Exporting as a targa sequence worked! Thanks mfh!
  17. Thanks for the reply Mylenium! Right now i have re-rendered all of my .mov (clips) as Quicktime / Animation. Dropped out the audio completely and i am still getting AE crashes on my PC at home. I'll have to try this at work and see how goes.
  18. Hey everybody, i am presently getting the following "44::39 error" from within AE 7 which is preventing me from rendering out my reel. Does anybody know what this means or how to resolve it? View: http://www.neue-method.com/ae_error.jpg Btw: i've done a google search, but turned up w/ nothing useful. Thanks
  19. Does anybody know if you can open AE CS3 project files back in AE 7?
  20. View here: http://www.ventilate.ca Enjoy.
  21. Several videos from this years FITC event in Toronto are currently available for your viewing: View here: http://www.fitc.ca/brightcove_player.cfm
  22. In Canada, we have something called a TN1 Visa for work professionals. I used that to come over to LA this past December.
  23. I definitely will be out for the next months event if my move to LA goes smoothly.
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