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  1. Thought i would share this. I am presently dealing w/ a lawyer in Montreal who is working on setting my TN1 right now. Visit http://www.bga-immigration.com
  2. Do you guys think it is wise to invest in purchasing any of the Trapcode plugs now, before the next updated w/ Red Giant?
  3. Congrats t_dot! Presently i have a company that has written me a letter of employment letter etc, however i would like to go to some place in Toronto (a lawyer most likely) to look over everything/paper work so that i won't have any problems when i make my plans to move.
  4. Do any Canadians on here have any experience with obtaining a TN1 Visa?
  5. Just my two cents, the typography in your first version was better. The larger type held the composition together as apposed to what you have currently. And for the bear... i would agree that it does look out of place, however the way you have it now doesn't work. Possibly try sketching it out (the face) without the fill, or redo that portion completely.
  6. I know that several of these links have been posted on this forum already, but i highly recommend that all mograph members view the following links below while jamming at work or home. GENERAL -- http://www.fitc.ca/video/2006/ GMUNK & BUCK INTERVIEW -- http://www.fitc.ca/2006/conversations/gmunk_buckla.cfm
  7. Damn! I have been reading this as well. Regardless, it should be an exciting time.
  8. Hello everyone, my site Neue Method® is back live again. I have updated the site with several neue projects and additional sections. ('Boards' & 'Motion') I come mainly from a new media/interactive background, but i am presently focusing my efforts towards broadcast/motion design. If anyone has any leads to broadcast/motion design studios hiring 'Intermediate' / 'Mid-Level' designers in either the USA or Canada, please do not hesitate to send me an email. View site: http://www.neue-method.com Electric Company Bumper http://www.neue-method.com/motion/ec_bumper.html Motorola Colors Pitch: http://www.neue-method.com/motion/moto_colors.html Thanks!
  9. Surfing the web and referencing design books.
  10. Anyone NYC mographer interested in meeting up for drinks? I will be visiting from Toronto.
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