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  1. I don't mind saving a ton but right now 90% of the time I save a scene file and go to open later or it crashes and I have to re-open I get the ole' "Incorrect file structure" error... killing me. And this was totally my fault and I should have read the fine print, but $95 for each Net-Render computer is crazy, bet that works really well too. Back when I had Ozone 2 I don't remember having to purchase a separate render license.
  2. Just got Ozone v5 for Cinema 4d r12 on a Mac few days ago and I've had nothing but trouble. It's unstable and crashes all the time and best part... it corrupts your scene file so you can't even open it. Right now I would say it's pretty much unusable and I'm waiting to hear back from tech support. Years ago I used Ozone v2 and had no problems with it, so I took a chance and got v5, big mistake at least on a Mac. Anyone else have issues with this on a Mac? Thanks
  3. I use a couple of Windows Servers with 8 dual core AMD Opteron with onboard gpu and a bunch of windows cpu's w/dual core and again with AMD Opteron for just Net render. The servers seem to work really well.
  4. That's kinda the same boat we are in here. I would love to know what others are using or are using with xsan that is rack mountable ?
  5. Wow, I thought a lot of people were using the Xserve/Xsan combo ? Xserve was the perfect MDC for xsan with a lot of advantages, sure a Mac Pro could be a MDC, but that would suck imo. I don't know, maybe xsan will be next to go. Not sure what apples plans are but should be interesting to see where this goes down the road. Probably be using a room full of iphone as a render farm....lol
  6. Apple announced Xserve will be dead and I'm sure Xsan won't be far behind it. Any recommendations for a different setup that's not apple, for future reference ? Thanks !
  7. Yes it is. Xsan and autosave = nothing but trouble
  8. This is a Screen Mode bug. All you have to do is Cycle your screen modes.... switch between Full and normal using the shortcut "F" and all should be fine. Yeah it sucks and this burned me. Hope this helps ! JR
  9. Had this problem big time and it ended up being our Xsan that was causing the issue. For whatever reason every time AE would kick into auto-save it would crash. Changed the auto-save to the local drive, no more problems. Adobe could not explain why. At least that was our scenario.
  10. Yeah, we just updated the xsan software as well so that it would support snow leopard. I talked with "apple" support this morning about the quicktime issue and they claim once installed you can't get QT X off your system... wtf ?? I asked also about why the hell you can't make qt 7 the default and they claim you can. When I told him you can't, they acted like that was the first time they've heard about it. Which as we ALL know that's rule number of tech support, Claim ignorance and act like you have never heard of such a thing ? I don't know, I'm pretty pissed off about snow leopard at the moment. Like i said our old G5 runs smooth as hell which is still on leopard. Oh and then, apple support hung up on us.. they said we got disconnected..go figure, that made my day. JR
  11. I'm just not sure what the problem is or where to begin. We did a clean install to snow leopard, so I don't know if its a perfect storm of Snow Leopard or what. Is it Quicktime X causing issues, are we having preferences issues, no idea. It works on the ole' G5, so obviously it's Snow Leopard in some capacity. Plus, we keep getting this error (see-below), not all the time. Sometimes we get the error on a clip and 15minutes later the same clip works fine, that sounds like a permissions issue ? When they came to update our xsan they created different users with different permissions.. which didn't seem wise to me, but so be it. I've tried deleting AE preferences and I guess next step is delete the permissions ? After Effects Error : Error (4) reading frame from file /volumes/... our file path. (86 :: 2) Thanks for the help, I appreciate it ! JR
  12. No its all good, it literally was the data path. Before with r11 you had that default data path, something like user/administrator.. or whatever it was. Now with 11.5 you make a custom data path. Thanks, JR
  13. Thanks tech support.. simple fix. It's not like R11 with a default Net user folder anymore, u have to make a data path. Love easy fixes.
  14. I'm trying to get Cinema 4d 11.5 NET SERVER to work on snow leopard but I'm getting this error: Error in file [server.ini] (line 19): Error on finishing I've tried deleting preferences and re-installing, but still this error. Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong ? Thanks, JR
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