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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't be adopting "mograph" anytime soon – but I also struggle to find an appropriate / descriptive title these days. I stick with "Motion Designer" (always struggled with the "Graphics" term of "Motion Graphics" mainly because I'm increasingly doing more video work – filming, editing, alongside "traditional mograph", 3D, a bit of VFX and Art Direction. I'd be curious if anyone else uses a title that adopts all these disciplines – something along the lines of "Moving Image Specialist", but snappier. ... or maybe I'll just stick with Motion Designer :/
  2. I believe it's built in Softimage ICE
  3. Howdy. I've got a scene where I've fractured an object and used a random effector to animate the segments apart. I'd like to use the position of these segments as a camera target – so the camera follows one of the pieces as it moves. Is it possible to either "bake" the random effector animation to keyframes or use expresso to get the absolute position of individual pieces so I can link it to the target camera? Thanks.
  4. Same here, so feel your pain on that one. Thanks for this Todd. I've always tried to keep a minimum of 2GB per core but I think the real sweet spot for me was turning up the RAM to 2GB for other applications. Just did a couple of renders then vs 1.5GB for other applications and the render is noticeably faster and the system seems far more stable.
  5. Similar problems on my 8 core here – my system hangs a lot when multiprocessing is on and I'm rendering. I'm really finding the whole multiprocessing in AE CS4 buggy as hell. How much much RAM have you got out of curiosity?
  6. Recently run into a reoccurring problem where FCP interprets a Widescreen clip rendered from AE with Square Pixels (1024x576) as Anamorphic and non-square Pixel Aspect Ratio. Everywhere else the quicktime displays fine. I can change the Item Properties Format in FCP, but gets annoying when there's multiple clips to handle. Running FCP7 and AECS4 – didn't have this issue with the same workflow in previous versions.
  7. Quicktime? As in the old Quicktime Pro 7 – before they released Quicktime X crap.
  8. reelfour

    3D box in AE

    Try setting the blend mode of each layer to "Alpha Add"
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys. The model will be static, so preserving animation or bones, etc won't be necessary
  10. Hey guys. What's the best (most compatible) format to use in Cinema 4D exported from another 3D package? Wavefront OBJ? We're getting some models supplied – not sure what they've created them in yet but want to make sure it shows up alright in C4D
  11. Awesome update guys. Melbourne represent
  12. Really inspiring thread guys. I only worked 3 months as a freelancer out of necessity between fulltime gigs. The anxiety of a sporadic cash flow was what ultimately led me to accept a fulltime gig from one of my clients. Looking back now, those 3 months were great. It was during summer, so I knocked back small jobs, literally in favour of going to the beach. The work was varied and every week was something new. Summer's coming up soon, work is mediocre and freelance is looking really tempting again.
  13. Hey all. I've made the leap to Snow Leopard and After Effects CS4 and the multiprocessing seems completely stuffed. Rendering with MP on ties up my whole system to the point where it's basically locked and I have to wait for the render to finish. What's more, the render time seems slower than ever. I've tweaked around with CS4's new settings and tried to keep 4 cores free, and allow at least 1GB per core for AE, but nothing seems to be working other than turning MP off altogether. Specs are: MacPro Dual 2.8G Quad Core (Xeon) 8GB RAM OS 10.6.1 AE CS4 9.0.2 Anyone had any similar issues or have a recommended allocation of RAM/resources based on my system? Thanks dudes/
  14. I did a piece recently that had the aurora borealis look to it. Basically, animated some fractal noise, colorized it and had long streaks of Shine and glows through it. Worked well. Also, have a look at ayato's approach to a similar look.
  15. Just upgraded to Snow Leopard and took the chance to finally jump on AE CS4. Have just noticed though: switching between apps will lose my RAM preview in the timeline. It's really bugging me, have to re-preview everytime I jump in and out of AE. Weird thing is it only seems to happen when working with footage. Has anyone else noticed this, or have I got some preference turned on/off? Disk cache is turned on too btw.
  16. reelfour


    Meh, trailer is a real let down ...and Papyrus... really??
  17. Okay, I'm now looking at hiring the Sony EX3, as the budget for this spot is quickly disappearing. The EX3 seems quite forgiving to heavy grading and shooting overcranked at 60fps will have it's advantage as this spot will lend nicely to a bit of slow-mo. Next question is, how's the DOF with the standard EX3 lens? We're going to be shooting a "birds eye view" directly above some hand talent interacting with various props on a table from about 2 metres above. It'd be really nice to having some noticeable DOF between the hands, objects and table or at least have the flooring out of focus. I'm wondering if some of the compatible Fujinon/Canon HD lenses give better DOF at this distance or whether to look down the 35mm/adapter path.
  18. That's great – love the autotune
  19. Appreciate all the insightful feedback guys. I completely agree. There are going to be massive compromises when working with a camera that shoots directly to a delivery codec and whose primary function is to shoot stills, but I guess in my specific case the choice is governed by a tight budget and a need for some decent glass to achieve the right depth of field. The spot I'm planning needs to look "filmic" through it's colour and DOF, but basically I guess I just want to capture a "nice looking image", certainly better than what our old Sony Z1 can do. Of course shooting on actual film is going to give the film look, but there is no budget for that, plus the workflow is completely foreign to me having always worked with digital. I guess it comes down to looking "good enough" for the budget and as Chris said: "99% of people won't notice or give a shit, and save a ton of money" I also should have mentioned in the initial post that this spot's primary delivery will likely be web video only. I did find this decent comparison (all be it from 2008) on a bunch of cameras, where they've tried to match them as best they can: http://vimeo.com/2437826 (Footage comparison starts at about the 6.30 mark)
  20. I'm working on a concept for a shoot at the moment that will involve a single locked off shot looking down (ie birds eye view) on various talent, etc. I normally shoot on our Sony Z1 but it really isn't going to cut it for this job. I want to achieve a decent "film look" with a decent lens, shallow depth of field and high dynamic range for heavy grading in post. Budget is not great but should only be a one day shoot max. First thoughts are RED but also seeing a lot of good results with Canon 5D MKII. Seeing it's a locked off shot, rolling shutter shouldn't be a problem – it's obviously a lot cheaper to hire and a simple rig to set up. A little concerned about the grading process, but just read Stu's post on flattening the 5D, which is more reassuring. Has anyone got down and dirty with the 5D? Or got any other suggestions?
  21. Is your AE comp the exact pixel size as your exported FLV? The FLV exporter doesn't do a good job of resizing, best to do it in a AE first.
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