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  1. da nny

    Coke bottle

    PerAnders drips look really cool.Thanks
  2. da nny

    Coke bottle

    Thanks guys.will try out your suggestions and update.As for tutes i tried looking 4 stuff online bt all i cud get was one in blender.It did'nt go very much into the details of the condensation bt the results of the bottle were'nt so bad.
  3. Am modelling a coke bottle in C4D bt am stuck with the coke liquid.I have applied a texture aroung the bottle but thats not getting me as close to what i want.Anyone know of a way to create the liquid in the bottle and add droplets of water on the bottle?
  4. da nny

    more C4d Stuff

  5. very nice. However for me drawing the vines aint the problem.I just needed to see some work somewhere that involves talent e.g poeple dancing composited with vines or ornamental designs.
  6. Am having problems with vines.I have done projects that involve growing ornaments and stuff bt usually the design elements are alone. Right now i need to do a project involving growing design elements composited alongside talent dancing and singing shot on greenscreen.Does anyone know of where i can see such projects for reference?
  7. da nny

    Max Tutorials

    Heres a guy talking about how he went around some projects. http://shisko.blogspot.com/2006/06/soccer-...ll-project.html http://shisko.blogspot.com/2006/06/move-project.html
  8. da nny

    Free vector images

    Some more vectors http://vektordb.lafkon.net/
  9. Really cool technique.Thanks.i'll try it out
  10. Yes tats what i was asking about.Sorry for not being too clear at first but i am trying to create shadows of the keyed footage to fall on the gradient.The shadows should fall and create a feeling of a floor. Thanx element and Symbolic.Will try out both your suggestions.
  11. I have some footage keyed out from green screen and i want to composite the footage in front of some gradients.How would i create shadows on the footage in After effects to add some form of depth or what can i do to the gradients to add some sort of perspective
  12. Using 3D Stoke.. Create a stroke with a thickness value of a around 2.Then use the repeater to create like 20 or so instances of the stroke.tweak as u wish to bring them close together to create a stroke with flat ends. Hope this helps
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