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  1. Hey does anyone have experience with Magic Animcurve for C4d from Nitro4d? I can't get it working. I'm using r17. I emailed the developer and he said something about "try don't check animation automatic psr"? I've tried setting it to "no split" and "Split PSR keys" and no luck. Anybody else use this plugin in r17? Thanks!
  2. hasn't been to mograph.net since 2009. Wow. Well, I'm back.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DANbgciF5U&feature=player_profilepage
  4. djkorova


    Where were the 90degree turns??
  5. Did anyone else think that last shot of the thing looking at you was creepy?
  6. If you're just finding out about CSTools, maybe this will be new to you too. Greyscale Gorilla - CSTools tutorials
  7. Kinda funny... kinda cringe-worthy... ...especially when she says, "I'm just jooooking"
  8. Yeah I made a great chrome material this way, with a gradient in the enviro channel.
  9. Yeah that was pretty sweet, glad there are still people out there as obsessed with Back to the Future as me... 1.21 JIGAWATTS!!!
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