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  1. Beaver, can C4D import Blender .blend file if so check out my website http://www.blendswap.com you can probably find a model there with CC-0 licensing that will work, if you need it converted to a format that will work for you let me know. I'd be happy to help. Matthew/mofx
  2. Thanks smaulz, I appreciate it.
  3. Thanks for the advice smaulz, can you name some of the good agencies in town, that might take on a motion graphics artist/video editor. Thanks
  4. Hey guys I'm thinking of moving, was wondering if anyone knew of any motion graphics shops in Omaha, or Lincoln Nebraska area. Thanks
  5. Minneapolis: motion504 Gasket MAKE row27 Fisher Edit I know there are some good shops in Colorado, I just don't know any of their names.
  6. Wow, nice stuff. Not exactly what was in my head but great stuff nonetheless. If you have more keep them coming. Thanks
  7. I'm looking for examples of commercials that use 3D but all the 3D is created with animating scrolling text as the textures for the 3D elements. I seem to remember there being a prescription drug add that was created like this. Hope that makes sense, thanks for the help.
  8. Anyone know who did this and where I could find a HD quicktime version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNJ0UEYdcFo
  9. I was just looking for this earlier today, nice.
  10. I have to agree with monovich, I've used 4D, Lightwave, and Electric Image back in the day. I've finally settled on blender because it can do a lot of stuff the other software packages can. Can it do everything, No. One nice thing in my situation is I work in a small market so most places I have worked don't have 3D packages and can't afford them, not a problem with Blender. I also always like to point out Rustboy which was created using infini-D. It shows that the software is just a small part of the equation, what's more important are your abilities as an artist.
  11. mofx

    Text reveal

    Thanks nine, I have Knoll so I'll change out the flare, you used evaporate on all the text layers? Very nice, thanks again.
  12. mofx

    Text reveal

    Ya I know it's probably super easy but can someone explain the procedure they are using to reveal the text in this video. Thanks http://www.restaurant.org/aboutus/video/index.cfm#awards
  13. Welcome to the wonderful world of video. Our company puts out two half hour shows weekly. Plus our agency work. Which usually consists of 3-5 :30sec spots and a couple 3min web video's. Mix that with two editors, one shooter, and a prick for a boss, and you get a case of pepto, and a lot of long hours... Auhh the price of glory, LOL. Stick in there man. Find a good place that respects you and your time and hunker down, their out there, somewhere. Best of luck. peace mofx
  14. Thanks a load, LOL, Load... I love that word, sorry, great stuff thanks again.
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