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  1. The NLA system is great, kind of. Or it WOULD be if it didn't cause my renders and previews to go berzerk! I'm using a motion clip as a source for several objects and its causing siad objects to randomly animate a little here and there over the timeline. Only workaround is to play the whole animation through in the workspace and then jump back to frame one before rendering. Its very similar to the cache error you sometimes get with Particular in AE. Anyone else having the same troubles?
  2. Just a thought: If you have C4D you wanna check out the proximal shader. It will color a surface based on proximity to assigned objects, could be particles in this case. Other 3d apps probably have the same kind of shader, but I wouldn't know what they're called. Hope you find your way!
  3. I'm having a reverse problem. Suddenly all my .mov files have thumbnails and as an added bonus I can't delete or rename any .mov's!! I'm not sure if the thumbs is the problem but it seems to be connected somehow, an unnamed process is running in the background locking all these files. Anyone know what process is causing this???
  4. Monkey, Displacement deformer? Sounds groovy. How exactly do you figure that one? And do you know of any decent tutorials featuring these spline dynamics? Haven't gotten into hair yet...
  5. thanks for the replies guys. I'll go see what phytools can do for me, as for going the analogue way; would probably be the easiest, and fastest way. If I had a camera, a water tank, a knitting grandma and the time and space to get them ll together. Such as it is now, I'ts gonna have to be fully 3d. (there are other shots in this that would have been easier to pull off doing the real thing but I don't have the resources, too bad). To be continued...
  6. Long time since I blatantly took advantage of other people's vast skills... I don't even know where to begin with this one. It's to be done in C4d. Hair??? Brief: "The word “YARN” – braided out of loops and tendrils of thread – is quickly unraveled. The unwoven thread floats elegantly, as if suspended in water." Any ideas are welcome. Victor www.vicnorman.com
  7. Ok so the reel is back up, if anyone is still checking this post. Also i'd like to add that the east coast is farking beautiful and if you're the camping type definitely hit up point plomer and stradbroke island. good times.
  8. Trying, the file has been deleted by an admin in my webhotel for reasons unknown. Does "Excess Load" mean anything to anyone? I hate my web host...
  9. Wicked. Thanks so much for the tips. Yes, in fact, the orange slacks/baby blue lindeberg getup with extra large sock inna crotch is all the rage in Sweden. I was planning on something along those lines anyway. As for the Swedish fish, no go. All we eat is meatballs. And i'll be sure to bring some of those. Victor
  10. Hello peeps. I just relocated myself from Stockholm, Sweden to Manly (well, probably, it seems like a nice place to live), Sydney, OZ! So now it looks like i'll be needing a job, man it's pricey here. Almost as bad as Sweden! So I thought I might drop my fellow motiongraphers a line here and see whats what: Where's a good site to look for Mograph/graphic design jobs? Is your producer/art director friend in need of a handy and graphically inclined Swede? What agencies and boutiques should I be sending my reel to? (off the top of my jetlagged head, I can only think of Animal logic, anyone here working there?) Should I get a shave and wear a black suit and tie if i get called to an interview? Should I get myself a manager? If so, where do I find one? Is my reel gonna cut it, or should I be applying to Hungry Jacks instead? Showreel here Thanks for any and all help! Oh, and if any of you are in the Manly area, I'd love to meet up for a chat!! Victor
  11. It seems to happen more often if I start Illustrator after AE. if illustrator is up and running when i start AE, it works fine. or maybe it's the other way around?? Worth a try anyway.
  12. Allright! TCA to the resuce as usual. That makes sence i guess, I just never saw the blend pass option, but that works like a charm. Thanks!
  13. Uhh. Theres gotta be a simple solution for this. Say I set up a render with separate passes of shadows and reflections for comping in AE. What i get is: one shadow pass one reflection pass and (here's the kicker) one pass with image, shadows and reflections. How the hell do i get a pass that has NO reflections and NO shadows? I never asked for doubles! I've been dealing with this ever since i started using C4d and always worked around it by rendering several times: once for the separated passes and once more with everything turned off for a "clean plate" but DAGNAMMIT I'VE HAD IT! What's a boy gotta do??!! /fed up
  14. Yurp. It's a bitch and a half. Maybe there's a plug on the way for total control over each pass... My workaround is to set up a separate render for motion and depth with texures and lights turned off to speed up the render. Only works as long as there's no transparency involved tho...
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