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  1. I looked at that HP workstation too. I would wait for the SandyBridge version of it if you are gonna shell out that cash. Check www.anandtech.com for great comparisons of different laptops and chipsets (directed at the original poster, as you have already done your homework). The new HPs (or Asus or whatever) with the SandyBridge chips are probably the best performance for the money right now. MacBook Pros should be updated soon, if you want to stay Mac.
  2. Well, you can FBX out the scene and that should work to a degree. It will bring the geometry, UVs, materials, cameras, and lights. You have a choice to bring the animation as well, but it seems that is what you will be doing. The materials probably wont transfer right, and you will have to rebuild them. Lights will come through, but you have two completely different render engines, so you will probably have to re-light it as well. Make sure the geometry is clean and in quads before exporting – no ngons or else Cinema will triangulate in a most unappreciated way, and that could make the UVs incorrect and just generally suck. I don't think there is a magic silver bullet that will import work from 3DS and make it look amazing without doing a lot of the work over again. An FBX will at least give you UVs so you can try to recreate the materials the best you can in Cinema. The only way that I know you get can similar results is if they are using VRay in 3DS and you are using VRay for C4D. You will still have to manually match all the scene settings, re-do the light tags and completely rebuild VRay Materials. But at least they have the same parameters and will look same (I think. never really did a side-by-side of the same scene). I am currently working with VRay for C4D and we are going back and forth between Maya/VRay. You have to do a lot of work over again, but it looks great. Its pretty expensive, so forgive me for suggesting if it doesn't make sense to buy for this project. You will have to spend some time getting used to it. Also, if you go that route, please note that VRay does not work with C4D materials, only VRay materials – and the 'one button material converter' works for shit and shouldn't be bothered with. Hope that helps a bit.
  3. Oh, my mistake. thought we were talking about TP, and not standard emitters. The dot exists in TP. I never use standard. Sorry for any confusion.
  4. It could be linked to some user data. You would have to key frame it there. Open up the Xpresso tag and see. If there is nothing being piped into the rate port, then I am not sure. Delete tag and start over?
  5. How about a mini-display port to DVI adaptor? http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB570Z/A?mco=MTY3ODQ5OTY $30.
  6. There is always Ron Crabb. Old school. Not sure he is even really doing it anymore, but you can always ask. http://www.crabbdigital.com/NEW_COMM/NEW_Pages/NEW_CD_Mattes_001.html#
  7. most people don't even want a physical disc that they have to keep track of, throw away, or put in some sort of library they have for freelancers. I have had one request to bring a DVD into a meeting with a CD - I brought a QT on my laptop instead. Looked better than a DVD. No chance of the burn not playing correctly. Gave him a copy, which I am sure he never looked at again. Now I work for them on a fairly regular basis. No plastic was thrown away in the process I have a ton of really nice DVD cases and blank DVDs. Have a bunch of inserts already printed. I pretty much have no use for them. Web is just easier. Better for both parties. It is a lot of work to make an excellent DVD insert, menus, etc., that are perfectly printed and assembled - while 99% of the people that want to employ you do not care in the least or even really want it hanging around their office. Plus, if you are also a designer or illustrator or want to be one, its better to drive them to your website. thats my 2 cents. It certainly wont hurt to have it ready to go. Someone may want to see it that way. Someone that apparently likes horrible MPEG2 compression and hates the internet. I would rather send someone a USB jump drive with my reel (for the one person that asks) then to waste time making a DVD that will inevitably look worse and take up enough time to not really even make it cheaper.
  8. I think that the TIF is bigger because C4D wont do any LZW or Zip compression on it. I think that if PSD fits your workflow, then go for it. Not every program is super excited to see PSDs, but if your going from C4D to AE, then it seems fine to me. If I feel I am going to need to render out 16bit from 3D, lately I have just been rendering out OpenEXR seq instead. Its 32bit float, but it is much smaller than a 16bit TIF and still has more info. It leaves the option of staying 32bit until the final render. Might be overkill if you are not going to be doing a filmout. If you want to stay 16bit, SGIs work great as well. I don't know that there is a correct answer. I think there may actually be a valid argument to using a truly uncompressed (LZW or ZIP) TIF if you are compositing, because the machine is going to have to undo the compression for each frame - which I suppose could actually make your comp take longer to preview and render. Although, most likely not to a noticeable degree. If you are just looking to save space, do a test with the PSD and the OpenEXR. I haven't compared these two, but I will bet that the OpenEXR beats the PSD in space efficiency for nearly every frame - all while being twice the bit depth.
  9. Hey man. Looks cool. I just make a 4:3 safe guide TGA and put it on a BG Object. Add that to a layer that won't render but can be easily viewed for reference.
  10. Haha. I laughed when I read your comment. We are on the same page as far as that goes. Its hard to convey amusement over the internet without emocons I guess. So,
  11. indeed. If anyone wants to know anything specific, you can ask away. Last count there was about 1 billion deliverables and counting, and I had my dirty hands on well over half of them. They really look much nicer before they go to air. Believe it or not, there are lots of subtle details in the textures that just get crushed, and they seem to have jacked the levels a bit. Oh well. I may use this ringing endorsement from Palmer on my web site
  12. It just went up on Prologue's front page. There is a montage with some of the work as well.
  13. It's not Troika. I can get into it more in a few weeks if anyone wants. I think they may want to do a write up and feature it on their site first and I don't want to ruffle any feathers. Plus, some things are still delivering.
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