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  1. thanks douwe. i'll give this a go. EDIT: the mocap file is actually an fbx with just the bones and the joints. same process?
  2. i had to create a new account there (not sure what happened to my old one) so i have to wait for approval before i can search or post anything.
  3. not the best forum for this question i know (i'm also posting elsewhere), but i know there are a ton of c4d users here, so i'm hoping someone may know. let me also preface this with the fact that i know very little about the character animation process. that said, i have a run cycle that i downloaded that i need to attached to a character. is there a moderately quick and painless way to accomplish this? i don't have the character yet, do i don't know if its a mesh or if its jointed somehow. any thoughts or better places to look would be much appreciated. thanks tom
  4. just heard from justin. not happening this year. bummer. look forward to this. ah well. next year hopefully.
  5. anyone heard anything about whether or not this is happening?
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    damn. hate i missed that.
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    ok, so forgive me but i haven't been that active lately. whats the creative saints thread you guys are referring to? or should i even ask...
  8. doesn't take long... http://www.deadmichaeljacksonjokes.com/
  9. i wouldn't think so, because i think the gamma issue is something that resides within the h264 codec itself, not the compression software. i could be wrong tho.
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    i've actually heard it has more to do with being concerned about money.
  11. i've had the same problem once or twice, tho its usually been with the full version, not EZ. i typically have to delete plugin the redo the effect. hopefully someone else has a more elegant/simpler solution.
  12. that is awesome. love the water.
  13. have to give it a go i guess. thanks again!
  14. very cool. how does it work coming into ae? does it translate ok? awesome guys! thanks a ton.
  15. that sounds awesome. totally interested. thanks.
  16. i feel like i already know the answer to this question, but i'm gonna throw it out there anyway. is there any way to do a true 3d isometric view in after effects? i did a search and came up with the solution of using a ridiculously long focal length, which more or less works. just wondered if there was some other trick. thanks.
  17. i hate the experience. uncomfortable seats, no leg room, dry air, shitty snacks. short flights are ok, but anything longer than 2 hours for me is like repeatedly smashing my head again a brick wall covered in broken glass.
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