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  1. that's mainly because by "multiprocessing" adobe understands opening one instance of AE for each core on your system. /facepalm
  2. The only Quadros that are worth the money (and even that's relative) are the new Fermi-based series. The old architecture's been eating GForce's dust for some time now. ..basically, looking at the bandwidth should give you a hint about what's what.
  3. T02

    burton cartoon animation

    cheers dudes. supaidaaman - i perfectly know what you mean and completely agree with it. I'd also say the animation of the first part (until the first closeup) looks sort of naive/clunky, i also agree on the smoke (even if at the moment it seemed the proper way to do it), but hey, i'm always learning stuff ..and as usual, the universal excuse - the timeframe for this was pretty tight, so, yeah.
  4. T02

    burton cartoon animation

    so is this shit or meh or am i just imagining i posted this? :|
  5. Hey dude! I like it! I love the design, the whole flow is quite nice, but above all, it's fun! (that t-rex totally cracks me up)
  6. Hey y'all! I just got the greenlight to show this around, it's a one-minute-something tv and internet commercial for Burton Snowboards. Illustration by Josh Robin Kaplan from Burton, story and sound by Burton, everything else by yours truly. Cheers!
  7. 1. grab start + end keyframes 2. pull said keyframes apart until desired result 3. ??? 4. profit
  8. hey, cheers, awesome! i'll make sure to keep an eye on this thread.
  9. ..but does anybody have any idea (if it's possible, in the first place) how to integrate this codec into the windows-based quicktime?
  10. T02

    Reel of show

    hey, thanks yes, that's exactly what i was looking for - it's always tough/weird to judge your own stuff - so it's muchly appreciated! i guess you're spot on about mixing things a little more, i sort of know it but something (the lack of experience in editing, probably) in me was totally against it. it had to be in there though, so that explains the last 15 seconds. you're totally right, i'll just have to get over this sorta block and try to see past my very very personal feelings regarding certain pieces and so on. tough
  11. T02

    Reel of show

    uh.. no other opinions? (sorry for attentionwhoring, but, yeah..)
  12. T02

    New WIP Site and Reel

    cool stuff in there, no doubt! the guys that posted before me said pretty much all there was to say. just focus on doing awesome work, it's pretty obvious you're capable!
  13. T02

    Reel of show

    dude, thanks no, i'm not using c4d, but the technique should work fine with any package - it's all about a dirt shader with a self-lit shader (the yellow part) mapped in the dirt channel.
  14. T02

    Reel of show

    Hey folks! Guess what, i just cut my first ever showreel. Felt like it was due a long time ago, but hey, better late than later. er. nevermind. So, yeah, i've never been that much into cutting, and i also think sometimes it's better to let other people cut your stuff, which means i'd really appreciate if you could treat this as work in progress and start getting all nitpicky on it. Long story short, here's the thing -
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