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  1. Also you don't have to give up your mac keyboard. I use mine on the PC and it works great once you get the keys mapped. There are several solutions. Some better than others. http://lifehacker.com/5872334/fully-use-your-apple-keyboard-in-windows-with-apple-wireless-keyboard-helper http://www.freshbooks.com/blog/2008/04/03/mac-envy-how-to-use-an-apple-keyboard-with-windows/
  2. 2 - There are a few options. Folder Colorizer Rainbow Folders Give me a shot.
  3. I've had success with this one too, right in AE. http://www.dubon.fr/conversion-prores422/
  4. Some more info here. http://www.apple.com/mac-pro/specs/
  5. Oh man does that bring back some memories. Nice work!
  6. If i ever get that error I usually use the "Secret" Preference menu and set to purge every 5 frames or so. Sometimes that works, but i've never had an image THAT big....
  7. Yeah i've had this happen before too. If nothing else you may just need to manually relink the textures. If you dig through the different materials you can find where to link them. I'm pretty sure NIck posted a video on this issue also so you might check that out too.
  8. Yeah but they take the same cut for your salary so if the posting for a salary gig is 65k, it sucks to know that if you had gotten it on your own it would have been much higher. I didn't have much luck with them, and the freelance rates were to low in my opinion.
  9. It looks like they are using other lights for the shadows, maybe even 2. Try addeing more lights with shadows turned on.
  10. Can anyone help me find out who did the FX channel promos a while back? The camera flew around the letters close up and the video was projected on them. The text was white on black. I've been searching but no luck... I'm pretty sure it was one of the bigger studios. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. TyMotion

    New Reel 09

    A little long but very nice.
  12. Posted this in another forum but it is from NAB Particular 2.0 demo starts about a third of the way in. http://media.fxguide.com/fxguidetv/fxguidetv-ep055.mov
  13. Found a good video with some quick demos. Shaded particles...Awesome Particular demo starts about a third of the way in. http://media.fxguide.com/fxguidetv/fxguidetv-ep055.mov
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