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  1. I just did a project with a neon sign. In my case I rendered in Arnold, which doesn't flicker, but I believe the QMC mode in C4D doesn't flicker. It does take a long time to render though.
  2. Every artist would be a user. They recently did a survey and from the results of that survey they decided on the one price model. One one hand there are some benefits, on another it gets pricey for smaller shops.
  3. We're a small shop with 5 people doing various post related tasks with two producers. I did a ton of research and never found anything that was comparable to Shotgun but cheaper without some of the extra features. Never found anything worth it, ended up going with Shotgun at $19/user price, which is no longer. Now it's the $49/user tier for everything which is good on one hand but expensive for smaller places. Would be great if they offered a lower flat monthly rate up to X number of users. It's amazing at tracking shots/sequences/edits/assets/whatever. So much customization so it takes a minute to set up a workflow that you like, but once you have it going it's pretty smooth. I would love to get the API access to really tie it into our workflow and make it easier for us, but too much money/time. Seems like a lazy comment…we're small and Shotgun saves us time. No messy email chains that take forever to read through. No shared spreadsheets to dig through. That shit takes time to manage, lots of it in fact, why not make it more efficient.
  4. This is very annoying. It's especially hard to explain to some clients why it's the way it is. I was watching The Killing last night and the two shots were always framed so that they favored either the right or left of the frame, essentially leaving one half empty. Pretty stupid if you ask me.
  5. I think this makes total sense…as much as it can with Apple at least. There is no reason to do a minor update to a line you're going to kill off.
  6. Walked by Shake Shack a few times but didn't get a chance to try it. Ended up going to Ess-A-Bagel, the NY Dosas cart at Wash Sq park, Katz's (I had to see if it really was that good), and ducked into the Holland Bar in Hell's Kitchen, which is a great little dive. Wanted to got to MOMA but that line was out of control.
  7. Going up to NYC tomorrow with the wife. She'll be working Monday and I have nothing to do during the day but check out the city. Any suggestions on things to do, food, etc? If anyone (who isn't working) wants to meet up for a drink or some lunch, let me know. Wanted to see the Cooper Hewitt but they're renovating. We're staying in Midtown, but I'm willing to go wherever something cool is happening.
  8. To make it worse, they have that new upgrade policy that means you will no longer be eligible for upgrade prices if you're more than a version removed. Since they are switching to a yearly upgrade schedule you will need to update every year to retain your upgrade eligibility. It's still cheaper than $600 a year, but BS since we generally skip every other version or so.
  9. Wait until the next episode and you'll get a better understanding of what happened and why. Well, at least why and what will become of it. Can't say much more without giving away spoilers. It definitely gets interesting from here on out. Not sure who did the VFX, but they did a good job on it. A little different from what I imagined when reading the book, but still cool.
  10. Thought I'd share our new reel with here. It's a mix of live action and some motion graphics here and there.
  11. Use shape layers and the trim path animator. It has a hard edge. Super easy and you can draw your shapes and just animate them instead of reveals. Pretty sure that was Myleniums suggestion in the Adobe forums.
  12. You can also select a layer and hit the [ (open bracket) key and that will move that layers in point to wherever the play head is. Closed bracket does it for the out point. Alt+[ will extend the start of the layer to the play head and alt+] wil do the end.
  13. Nice, I knew I remember seeing that thread but a search didn't turn up anything. Thanks. Getting bookmarked now. edit: just saw a comment by the creator on their Vimeo video that the release date is April 2nd.
  14. A while back I remember seeing a new plugin that was being worked on that allowed you to import a project file that updated live as it was changed. I can't remember the name for the life of me, anyone remember what it is? Thanks.
  15. How are the Ultrasones for comfort over long stretches of time? I have some AKG K270's, which are great, really flat and clear, but they're so big I've been looking at some other options lately.
  16. For me it's the chance to do something different from the day job, try out new ideas there isn't a budget or schedule for, etc. The motivation part is a different story…I tend to sit on personal projects too long and it's hard to come home and work on them, sit in front of a computer, etc. Though, I just got a new book called Art & Fear that has thoughts on what motivates one to do art for themselves and the fears surrounding it. It's from a more psychological approach to putting yourself into your work, but it does address motivations (as far as I've read, which isn't very far).
  17. In those cases you would hook the drives up to a server computer via eSata or SAS, network that to the Gigabit switch, then everyone would plug into the Gigabit switch and share the files that way. I did notice that about the LaCie's with the integrated chipset and what not. Might be worth a shot. I don't know about PC networking, only Mac. Our setup is a Mac Pro as our file server, it has an Atto SAS PCI card in it that connects to the RAID. It has a second PCI card that connects to the switch via 10GigE, then everybody plugs into the switch and connects via AFP file sharing. Prior to that it was the same setup except we plugged in our switch via Gigabit ethernet instead of the 10GigE PCI card. I guess the LaCie boxes take the place of the server, but I've never used one of those.
  18. We dealt with a lot of the same problems and eventually bit the bullet on an ethernet SAN setup from Maxx Digital. It wasn't cheap, but it's 10GigE so we have some expandability for the future. Compared to other SANS though it wasn't too bad (around $20k for 32 TB with each client getting 90MB/s and one computer with direct connect getting 300-400MB/s). Prior to that we used a LaCie enclosure, another third party enclosure, then some external drives here and there from G Raid. I would suggest hooking it up to a computer dedicated as a server, that helped a lot for us to have a dedicated computer for file sharing. I would look at options from G-Raid, CalDigit, and Maxx Digital. I've heard bad things about Drobo and they way it handles files and not really as fast as others. I've had good luck with LaCie personally, but the ones you linked to are pretty slow. It's all about bandwidth and storage speed. If you run out of either you're going to get problems.
  19. I feel like I've seen a script on AE Scripts that merges two project files. Has anyone heard of this, looked over the site and couldn't find anything. I'm trying to take a second project file and merge it with the master project file while keeping my folder structure in tact (which I why I can't use Reduce Project since it will delete unused folders). Basically I have two "Vector" folders and one has the files for the first half, one for the second half and I want to merge them along with the solid folders, etc. I tried manually and things still get deleted so I'm missing something and there's no easy way to do this without going comp by comp, layer by layer to reveal source in project and move them one at a time. Any help/thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
  20. I'm finally making my way to NYC for the first time so I thought I'd see if anyone had any suggestions for things to do/see. Not really interested in touristy stuff, would rather just take it all in and check out things off the beaten path. Good drinks, food (don't eat meat though), cool shops, art stuff, house stuff, etc. Down here in the South all we have is big box retailers and not much in the way of independent, unique goods. My wife and I will be staying in the Kips Bay area on 27th and will be there from Friday to Tuesday. Thanks
  21. In case you haven't heard Auto Duck plugins are now free. http://automaticduck.com/products/download/index.html
  22. That sounds a lot like how our DP lights for the Alexa. He doesn't use a lot of fill when he's trying to get shape. We shot a set of interviews recently and he just used a big soft source bounced through a 6x6 silk and a backlight for a little wrap and separation. I was pretty surprised by the results, especially how naturally pleasing they looked. If he does add a 3rd light it's usually a side light or something for shape. I think that was the problem with a lot of our Red shoots, very flat. I'll have to keep an eye out now keeping in mind what you've mentioned here. Really frames it in a different light (pun only slight-intended).
  23. That's pretty fun about the eye. At first it feels like it's just in shadow, but you can definitely see it darken! If we had to shoot a mid-century modern home owned by people with taste it'd be a long search around here. Sucks about the Aquarium, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I've never understood why can't we all work towards the one common goal that makes sense…the idea. Either way, you guys did an excellent job salvaging that. Sucks they wouldn't let use your own cam op, seems stupid to have all that crew and equipment just to have your "regular" guy shoot it You all do great work with the MX then, we've shot one spot with it and at this point I'm thinking it was more bad lighting than the camera. A good DP goes a loooonng way…
  24. Great spots! You'd be hard pressed to see a big difference between the Prestone one and the rest. I wouldn't notice without being told, though the Epic looks a lot "cleaner", not in a bad way. Those HEB spots are great, really good concepts and it's good to see a grocery store (?) run with creative like that. Also, having been to the GA Aquarium, I think that's great example of the Epic, really captures the grandeur of that place. I'm assuming that was a minimal lighting setup? The Sony sticks out, but like you said I don't think it's that bad. I think you did a great job playing to the strengths of the camera and setting a good tone with it. Especially since it's basically this transition from a nice sunny, ethereal day to the a dimly lit room. Art direction in that one is great too. I'll have to keep an eye out for the Epic, I'm not sure if anyone is renting them around here. I've heard nothing but good things and maybe it will help with my sour taste from the early Red One stuff we shot.
  25. Well, that's even more impressive. For a second I thought I remember it being Red One but I thought it looked a lot better than most Red films and I just assumed EPIC. District 9 was on the other night and it looks good too, but the style obviously lends itself to the "Red" look in that case. Do you have your Epic shoot up yet?
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