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  1. OK, i think i've fixed it. i had to start over and add the texture before i added the xplode and dynamics.
  2. i haven't been on here in YEARS! but i'm getting back into animation stuff again. my problem: i've got a video texture on a fracture object and when the pieces explode, the video doesn't stay on the pieces, just within its 16x9 confounds. so when the pieces get outside of that box they just become gray and lose the texture. here's a shot: now i'm not very advanced with c4d in the whole texture area, but any help i can get would be awesome.
  3. i'll be signing up for jan '09 for sure. i've been meaning to sign up for the courses but i get so bogged down i forget about them. but i've purposely made time for this term. i can't wait.
  4. mangler


    dang throwback. well i did my learnings on the viz. and i figured out how to import illustrator curves and psd's into it. i made a bug/station ID, couple of snipes promoting up coming shows, contest animations, etc... usual tv crap. but i quit the tv station almost a year ago and said bye bye to viz. i basically had no help from the station and its company for learning vizrt. i took it upon myself 100% to learn it. even drove my ass down to ATL to do a viz learning session with chris black(awesome dude at viz). and actually the tv station is in chapter 11 now, probably doesn't help matters that they owe vizrt a shit load of money. but i feel your pain. its not an easy system to grasp ahold of and run with. and for stations without news there are much better systems that integrate with more common applications. viz is a powerful system, it can do a lot of neat tricks but it takes a completely different outlook on it.
  5. mangler

    Nice studio spaces

    nclud looks like an ikea catalog. cool site tho.
  6. mangler

    3G iPhone

    damn apple and their at&t. i'm stuck on verizon, i like the service but the wife isn't feeling the at&t move since our whole family is vz.
  7. at work we have an A1, i use it from time to time as a B cam, but mostly i use my hvx. but its a solid camera for sure.
  8. my macbook pro kills my G5 at work.. i even pulled out the internal drive on my desktop and put it in an enclosure so i'd have to stop booting in target mode to work speedier on my work projects using my mbp.
  9. i'm one of "thems" that bought the toshiba HD dvd player. but i bought it for the sole function of burning my HD material to a single or dual layer dvd in HD to watch on my HD DVD player. its nice for doing trade shows and stuff like that. but since i've gone apple tv its pretty much useless now... hey dumbo, i'll sell you my toshiba HD dvd player and then you can play those dvd's all the time!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_XzCR2MbrU amazing video, any ideas who did it?
  11. avid vs apple http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?t=2y&s=A...;q=l&c=aapl
  12. i frequent the atl about once a month, mostly for filming and hanging out with some viz peoples. rustyace, nc raise up! i'm in greensboro
  13. i do a lot with contagiousgraphics.com
  14. hook that reel link back up, i wanna peep!
  15. best stuff everrrrr. the smooshed fruit is organic, where as a fruit roll up made by general mills i think? is not. smooshd fruit still has some seeds in it. they have the smooshed fuit as a leather and as a roll. i prefer the costco box of rolls, grape, strawberry and apple.
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