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  1. How many others like me like visiting mograph and the first thing we look at are recent posts (aka "latest discussions"). I suggest since there are rarely any postings to the calendar that rests right above this in the layout that it gets scrapped or moved somewhere else and we can double the size of latest discussions. Just think of how many more people would visit the site and support it because they see a link that calls out to them. How many people that use the site regularly would think this to be an improvement?
  2. Is there a way to cycle through layers in AE like you can in Photoshop using these key commands? Alt + [ (down) Alt + ] (up) I know this is reserved for lengthening or shortening layers in AE. But wondered if the key command exists. Using Photoshop and AE CS3
  3. was having problems with the server posting this question. contacted the mods to have them delete the other posts. sorry for any confusion
  4. My new MacBook Pro will be arriving shortly. Wondered what the best keyboard, trackpad, and wrist protection products are that people here prefer for using on their precious laptop. I've read alot of reviews where the protectors that lay on each side of the mouse have to use adhesive to stick on and when peeled off leaves residue. Also same question goes for a thin clear screen protector. Last thing i want is something that causes glare and even worse leaves residue when peeled off. As far as the outside of the computer goes....was looking at this clear hard case. Wondered if anyone uses this and if it adds much weight to the laptop or if there's a better product out there as far as hard cases go. Speck Hard Case Thanks!
  5. With the announcement of Leopard today for an October release, I'm just wondering why some people are wanting to wait another 3-4 months to buy a computer so that Leopard comes preinstalled. Not that I personally could wait that long as I've waited long enough already to buy a MacBook Pro. But I was just wondering how different it is really to have Tiger now and install Leopard when it comes out vs. having a computer with Leopard preinstalled other than the time involved. Is there something I'm missing that gets more complicated?
  6. I have a couple firewire drives that i had hoped to plug into a firewire/usb hub that is made by Dynex....it has 4 usb ports and 3 firewire ports. Well problem is, when i plug any of my firewire devices into the hub, it emits a very high pitched continuous screech. So that's no good. I haven't heard of many firewire/usb hubs that can really power all the devices they say they can. So I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with Firewire PCI-X cards to get 2 to 3, maybe 4 extra firewire ports out of their G5. I have a G5 that requires PCI-X format. I just wondered if these kinds of cards can really power 3 firewire drives at once without any performance decrease. Hope someone has found something that works. Seems like there isn't much solid and stable options out there for this from what i could find
  7. I had this exact same question and sent the AIGA NY Chapter an e-mail regarding it. Have to say I'm disappointed it's not happening this year. Was hoping to make a trip out to NYC out of it as I've never been. I hope they have it next year. Here is the e-mail thread The New York chapter motion graphic design conference (Move) is not necessarily an annual event. This year's New York Chapter design conference will be Body/Language: Fashion Meets Graphic Design. Please visit http://bodylanguage.aigany.org/index.html Thank you for supporting the New York Chapter of AIGA AIGA | the professional association for design New York Chapter 164 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10010 On Feb 23, 2007, at 10:27 AM, jslicer wrote: Hi, I've been checking in on the AIGA NY site more and more lately to see if there are plans for a MOVE 4 conference as there was a MOVE 3 conference last year. I've never been yet, but was planning on going this year if it's happening. Would it still be in May and can anyone tell me more about this? Thanks!
  8. thanks for your reply, so what would you have to do to make this work for something simple like levels or hue/sat?
  9. Does anyone know how to create custom keyboard shortcuts in AE? Having to go through the menu system everytime i wanna apply levels or hue/sat is getting old. even animation presets aren't as fast as a simple keyboard shortcut.
  10. http://www.jonsaunders.tv http://www.cobracoil.tv/pages/BOARDS_PAGE_01.html http://www.raquelfalkenbach.com/images/boards/board01.html
  11. And just what goes on at these mographer meetings? Plans for world domination I imagine.
  12. Was curious if anyone has dedicated themselves to using either Adobe Bridge or IView Media Pro for keywording photos, videos, etc. and why they chose one over the other. What i'm most interested in is the best inital process for labeling media with keywords so that the most programs possible can read the metadata and i guess whether this is even possible. thanks
  13. Good suggestions...i appreciate them. I'm just surprised that this is something that a third party software maker has to provide at least in the case of Unmult in AfterEffects. It's such a useful and quick way to extract an alpha. Seems like alot of steps to go through in Photoshop through channels. I really would love to find a solution as quick and flawless as how Unmult works in AfterEffects. I would imagine the plugin would be written on the same basic groudwork for Photoshop as Unmult for AfterEffects.
  14. No, what i'm looking for is a way to pull a perfect alpha in a one step plugin solution. If you screen, it doesn't create an alpha channel. If you've used unmult, you'd know what i'm referring to. thanks tho.
  15. Looking for an equivalent plugin to Unmult by Knoll Light Factory for AfterEffects - but that does the same thing in Photoshop. Anyone know if something like this exists?
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