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  1. Does anyone know who did the Aguilera Target commercial?
  2. thx Sao I think I didn't ask my question properly. It's not really examples of exhibits I am looking for more like 'show' mograph examples like maybe Offf 2007 and similar? so basically animated intros to conferences and shows? thx
  3. Hey guys/gals, I'm searching for some mograph examples of presentations for a fair, exhibit etc. thx
  4. Can anyone give some examples how to do this? any tutorials?
  5. wow example above is awesome. I would also like to know how to get such smooth masking.
  6. when you say 3d stroke, you mean trapcode stroke plugin? I cant' afford that right now so can you explain the other way you mentioned - stroke on a layer as a matte? thx!
  7. I have several layers that I imported from photoshop into AE. I am using the paint brush and write effect to 'fade' each layer in but this animation is not smooth as it should be. How can I smooth out the write effect when masking in something? I am using AE 6.0. thx
  8. anyone? as the other person mentioned, similar to the guiness spot in the beginning..
  9. Need to find some golf related mograph/3d work animations, anyone have some links please??
  10. any motion graphics work for horror films? horror movie titles? scary intros? thx
  11. How do you guys know/find agencies that have a project and send out to freelancers and design companies to create styleframes to show their ideas where the agency picks from them and has that person/design company create the animation? Example I remember was the ESPN redesign that Troika won but I saw some other pitches for the same project.
  12. I'm looking for work that has a 50's - 60's type feel? any companies have done this type of work that I can look at? thanks
  13. I can either use Studio Pro or Encore. So basically, I create my video/animation at 960X540 save it then create a new comp at 720X480 (all of this in AE) and I import the larger comp and resize to fit the 720X480? then I export as QT to STudio Pro ? thanks for all the input guys
  14. Thanks, but what should the video/comp size be in AE to render out at 4:3 so it looks sharpest and clearest when playing on a dvd?
  15. Hi, I will be creating an animation in AE that needs to run on any regular dvd and i'm not sure what the resolution should be and what the export should be in order to create this dvd? I guess I need a DVD program to burn the file from AE, any suggestions? also, I want the AE file to have a widescreen look with those black bars on top and bottom when it plays on the dvd. Should the work I bring in from Photoshop be set to 300 dpi ?Thanks, all the help is appreciated.
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