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  1. Love this artist. http://www.jeremygeddesart.com/
  2. So far I have 5 regular macPro´s running on a NET render. So I´ll add "pizzaboxes" 2 at a time. Hopefully it will add sufficient power, but once you go down that road you can never get enough power. My friend have 422 cpu´s in his farm and he is still short.... I have a long way to go i guess.
  3. Use Turbulence plugin. It rocks: http://www.jawset.com/
  4. Just ordered 2 machines with these specs: Intel 1U rackserver, 2x E5645 Xeon 6 core 2.4 GHz 12 mb cache, 24 GB DDR3 ECCram 1333MHz, 500 GB SATA, USB, DVD-RW, 2x Intel 10/100/1000 netcard. This I calculated and compared to be the best price for a lot of muscle per "pizzabox". In all I´ll get the power of a Mac Pro for half the money. They all come rackmounted and ready to render. √
  5. Maybe this can help. A topic I started some while ago: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=543823
  6. elpatron

    Reel 2010

    Again I agree. The site is quite new. We changed name from Frame By Frame to Splendid Future recently. I still need to take every case and make sure the right credits gets paid to the right people. We just needed a fresh changed so we opened the site before time. The two case you´re talking about, we surely had some joint forces. I did Loberstermen with Justin Harder in L.A.. We worked together on the project all the way through. He did all the "hard" work, but it was produced under Frame By Frame for Discovery Channel. Carpark North was produced by Frame By Frame and the graphics was done by my good friend Anders at Thank You. So I´m very aware of what I showcase. I have a great respect for not taking others credit. 1st ave machine have no problem in showcasing a 5th Gear spot i did with Matt Lambert. Really I don´t care, but they try to put it out as their own. So I agree on the part of being more specific in telling what you did on each spot. Work in progress.... Thanks mate :-)
  7. elpatron

    Reel 2010

    Thanks for the reply. I absolutely agree on every point. The reel could use thoughthrough in´s and out´s between edits. Work on the flow between pictures will do a lot. What we´re showcasing is basic everything we´re done ourselves. Actually we did all the shooting and post on every clip. We are a production company with an extended post/motion arm attached. But how to clarify that in a reel is a little difficult. But thanks a lot. I´ll have it in mind when i get time to re-edit or do our new reel.
  8. elpatron

    Reel 2010

    Tell me what u think :-) Cheers! Showreel 2010
  9. I´m still trying different settings. The beta version is a bit unstable in many ways, but it´s possible to do nice stuff. The fire settings are quite hard to tweak so it will take time and effort to do want you want. I´d love to have turbulence to work with mograph dynamics. It may be possible with some baking with xpresso and cappucino scripting. I´m not sure if it will light objects nearby in the matter of a light source. However it will turn up in reflections and so on. Look at my 2nd test: Fire & Smoke part 2
  10. Hey Mofers, Anyone been playing with the jawset turbulence plugin yet? Let me know if you have any cool tricks, settings etc... Heres my first try: Fire & Smoke studies
  11. elpatron

    Music Video

    The budget was about 1500$. But all the edit, grading and effects was done free. Lift in Chicago put a lot of work into it. It´s a long track and the footage is much similar throughout, so it´s hard to get much variety. We wanted it to rain different colors, snow and wind, so we had to build DIY rigs and sprinklers etc. And we were pretty short of light. But hey, it´s done and out there. :-)
  12. elpatron

    Music Video

    Hey Mofos, Just finished a music video for a band here in Denmark. It´s low budget and the effects are subtle. Let me know what you think. Cheers ..//eL Patron
  13. 5K $$$ Really! Somebody stop this. http://www.filmaka.com/gm/
  14. elpatron


    I made some tests on flower splines. You can download a file here: download here Cheers!
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