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  1. My cousin's C64 made me want to smash my fingers with a hammer. I loved this thing: We put the 32K RAM upgrade in it. Absolute magic. And then I loved this thing: I spent entire summers coding Conway's "Game of Life" sims. (Mostly because the TRS-80 never saved correctly to the cassette tape and I'd have to retype everything every time I'd turn the power off.)
  2. I've been with Laughingsquid.net for years and years and years. Great service, great customer support, great uptime.
  3. Found a link to this nifty background renderer on Stu Maschwitz's blog about a bit ago: Background Renderer I've been using it for about a week now. Definitely handy. Thank you, Lloyd Alvarez.
  4. besides, shake is ony 500 bucks now. (assuming, of course, that you have a mac...)
  5. dude... i think i worked with the guy in that picture. you can tell he works for an ad agency because he's crying and thinks the world is ending.
  6. maybe we're all just too busy making work to spend time here talking about making work. me, personally... i get rock hard at the sign of my own navals. i feel like a broken record when i talk about her, but look at lotte reiniger's films. then contemplate how she made them. then worship the electronic gods who allow you to both make your deadlines _and_ have a weekend.
  7. my favorite restaurant in the world is yakitori taisho on st. marks. it's an awesome gastronomical and cultural delight. make sure you try the chicken skin.
  8. Hmm... guess I should have done a search first. Lots of good stuff. My apologies.
  9. The muckety-mucks at my facility decided that we need to speed up our AFx rendering. I suggested a fibre-channel based SAN, but the $100K price tag didn't go over well. The "start the render at 5:30 and it'll be finished tomorrow morning" isn't flying either. So... Who's using what to speed up your AFx renders? I'm looking for some sort of middle ground between my two extremes. Is anyone actually happy with using AFx's built-in distributed rendering? (And if so, what's your secret?)
  10. If will if you cut off it's arms, legs and head and dispose of them separately.
  11. Half hour bike commute each way. Keeps the activity level up. Oh, and it's about a 5-minute hike to the bathroom from my workstation.
  12. no kidding. have y'all seen CNN International? sweet.
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