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  1. Hi Mograph, we've just finished our first reel It includes the work we ve been doing in our own personal proyect called Jalea. We've been working on it for the last month. The works are completely new produced from October 2007 to March 2008. We are very happy that finally we can show the mograph commmunity something and wish you can give us some feedback too. That's it, we hope you'll like it! please visit it at: http://jalea.tv and give it a look, we will really apreciatte it. Best Regards, STF.
  2. Works perfectly mete_shop. Thanks for your kind response! Best! St.
  3. Hi there Mograph! I've finished setting up a scene in Cinema 4D. And ive rendered it. Is there a way to easily render each object matte as a separate sequence, in order to use those mattes for compositing? Best! St.
  4. This one was post in motionographer a few weeks ago: http://gonzo.uni-weimar.de/~puen5159/showr...stwald_2008.mov I think he's got a pretty good notion of how animating typography. Also Mk12 recently launched Kite Runner title sequence wich is another good example of animating type. Best, stranger than ficiton.
  5. Yes! A friend o mine downloaded it a coupple of days ago, and it worked for her. MPEG streamclip would do the trick allright. Best! STF
  6. Hi mograph!!! I m working on a project which involves a lot of the slow shutter speed effect like the one that is used in the Madonna ray of light ( at the end ) video. I know that in that video they were actually using footage that was shot in the streets at nigth with all those cars runnning side by side with the lights turn on. I wonder if there is a way to get the same results in after effects. Im aware of the great creative cow tutorial from the Andrew Kramer: http://www.creativecow.net/articles/kramer...nano/index.html. And i also think that it could just be a matter of animating strokes starting an ending and puting the camera in the right angle. But i want to know which way would you take. Thanks in advance! Stranger Than Fiction.
  7. Sao, thanks for being out there. I find your information very usefull. Best regards, stranger.
  8. Sao, the frame rate is 29,97, but i m not too familiar with the working space REC-709, i've looked in the composition settings and i cant find it. Its like working in square pixels ? I think i dont understand well, you say that the video footage should be in some kind of compressor native ( Avid )? And in that way i should output my final composition in one set for the avid online session? I dont want to be anoying but could you explain it to me step by step? If not dont worry, thanks for the help though. Best regards, stranger.
  9. Hi there. I am working on a project wich involves 2 spot about 30 seconds long. This project includes video footage in HD And the output mode must be in HD 1920x1080. Cause is the first time im working with this kind of footage i m a bit scared about how the overall work will come out. Well if you got any tips before i start i would really appreciate it. Best regards, stranger.
  10. Hi there, i wonder if you could help me with this thing i dont seem to solve. I have a camera imported from 3d max with its helper layer. And ive made in another comp with particular following the making crowd tutorial from belief. The thing is that I CANT place the comp i ve made with particluar in the same place where the helper layer is, in a way that matches the camera from de 3d max. Is there a way to work this out? I ve never import cameras from Max and i dont know how to solve this. The most important thing is to make the particular comp to work in 3d space but with the new camera from 3d max. I hope ive been clear enough, best regards, Stranger.
  11. Rothermel!!! Thanks for the help now i will try that out!!! STF!
  12. HI FOLKS! I m working on a project wich involves a lot of stop motion work. They gave me some photoshop pics and they want me to animate them simulating the stop motion technic. I think i will go with animating little of the position and a little of the rotation values to give it more of a real hands-moving-paper feel, and then precompose them and move them regularly like i would do in any motion project. Because this is just a test i would like to know if anyone can guide me on this. If not thanks anyway. Best Regards, STF!
  13. I think your work is great!!! I love the way they move!!! Keep it on!!! STF!
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