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  1. I like it. Super picky critique coming up... Not sure if the bounciness fits the characters portrayed. It would work if it was for comedies or comics, but seeing Eastwood and Superman bounce around doesn't seem to fit a cinema experience.
  2. actually, Tiff comes in different flavors such that a tiff rendered in lightwave is not readable in some editing stations compared to a tga. TIFF's are too varied and seriously, you may run across an editing station that doesn't take a TIFF as I have a few times recently with NBC and Spike. TIFFs changed somewhere along the line and I have been burned more than once and had to re-sequence them on a tight deadline because they had an old editing station. But, that being said, if it's worked for them before, it works. Do what they ask and if anything goes wrong, it's not your fault.
  3. You can PROVE you're a real motionographer by linking to some obscure Japanese artist's website, explaining how it's the most inspirational thing you've experienced since 1984's Londrone exhibit. Glad we could help.
  4. Yeah, I get that a lot and it helps to know what other things they think looks cool. Ask em what studio they love. If they say "none but mine", then you may have a rough time no matter what.
  5. It reminded me of the final effects shot in "Air Force One". I laughed at that one too.
  6. Pleaseluggage


    As far as concept, can't help, but the above technique is the best one I've seen in a long time. Another one that works that you may have not seen is the ole snap zoom from one into another/neverending free fall gag. Those corporate types freak out over old reruns of "thirty something" and watch golf. May not take much depending on who it is and what they're trying to sell people on.
  7. Pleaseluggage

    New Reel

    You obviously put some work into your image. Cool. The stag puppet doesn't sync to the voice. Other than that, I like it because it is just unusual enough to remember. Good work. A bit of a diverse collection of stuff and it seems clear you can do some 3D which is good, otherwise, you're good at faking it in 2D as well. I might suggest losing the Knight Rider 2000 thing unless you are just in love with it. Also, I understand the Cingular end logo is possibly there to help tie in the earlier cingular spot, but it's slow and just their logo on angle pretty much. I liked it. I imagine you can get some jobs.
  8. From what I'm hearing everybody saying, (esp Beaver), to 3D or not 3D seems to be important, but 3D without good design hurts you. There's a ton of guys out there who know 3D (more than the 2d if you ask me if you count games and vfx) and can push the right buttons, but I'm speaking from what some CDs have told me, you will get higher paying gigs if you know how to design than if you just know 3D. If you're the latter, you are doing production which in the pecking order is below designer of 2d or 3d. Daily rate pecking order... Good Designer who can 3D and 3D Good Designer who can 2D Production guy who can do 3D and Production guy who can 2D Of course this doesn't count rush jobs. Most cool designs that use 3D are simple 3D, that's changing, but designing in 3D imo, uses a lot of 2D sensibility. Get great at that and 3D will fit in pretty well. I, myself know 3D forwards and backwards, but am only starting to design and I'm not getting as much as I could if I could design. Good luck.
  9. We ought to come up with a spare time contest to see who can come up with the most offensive fake spot possible. Difficulty: No racism. Any takers?
  10. Yeah, I know that the school I went to mas some betas of illustrator their lab is working on and the UB is not much faster than the old macs (on a brand new imac anyways), but they say the stability prob has been helped by updated drivers for the cards Their mac pro setup, the switched out cards to the base model card and it got a LOT faster with no crashes as opposed to the rosetta'd version running on the x1900's in a mac pro. Hope that makes sense, I'm super busy but thought I would share what I'm finding out. Putting off the purchase till UB shows up (with 8 core goodness)
  11. Yeah, nice. The BIFF stuff is nice and clean too.
  12. Well, you know what needs to be done. Keep it 1.5 - 2 mins length and do a new open logo anim. It sets the tone. Don't be afraid to do some major pace edits on the footage to get it to play out a bit snappier. Also, Lower thirds don't count as design really. they are important and you will get work doing them, but they are derived from a larger design direction in general and that larger direction is what you show. Kill the video shots. A reel for editing and animation and design will alientate a lot of creatives looking to hire you. Knowing editing of video generally will not help you in design, so maybe do separate reels for both. I look forward to seeing a new edit soon. T
  13. Something you might want to think about is whether or not you want to have a client hovering over you all of the time. Flame artists are really in demand if you're a easy guy to push around and do everything they ask no matter how mindnumbing it is. In design, it's more of an independent route. In Flame, you have what the AD or client usually wants you to do, and yes, you will have to come up with better designs on the fly and that could help with design down the road since you'll get good at it. Do you want a helicopter client or do you want to work with an AD who comes in every now and then to check progress? Plenty of jobs in both, but in a market other than LA, your prospects might be fairly narrow in design compared to a Flame gig. Good luck
  14. Remotes require enormous trust on everybody's part. The tech is getting there, but your internet connection's gotta be bulletproof and most residential connections in my neck of the woods in Fla are not quite that. If you work in house for a couple of jobs, you may get their trust to do some small things, but only if they're not driven by a cde. CD's need to show you stuff all the time and unless they are showing you stuff on the web, this is very frustrating for them when they could juyst explain it with their hands or a quick sketch. Webcams are kinda creepy and nobody really wants to be looked at or mess with them for those purposes. My rec, just be a damn nice guy who's super easy to work with and doesn't need to be motivated my management. Cause it's hard to motivate remotely. I do it all the time, but I'm really limited and don't get the benefit of learning from my colleagues at the studios. That's why I'm moving to LA in a couple of months.
  15. Hey man, really great stuff. As much as I love looking at this stuff, I remember a bunch of studios being super hush hush about their boards. I don't want to see you getting burned for breaking a nda, so make sure it's cool before showing us. We're not gonna tell them, but it would def. suck if they didn't want you to show anybody. That being said, keep em coming.
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