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  1. I have not posted in a while I have some questions about exporting and importing model with textures for Xcode. The model needs to be DAE 1.4 for Xcode with the following: 1. size in meter 2. light map texture (which format is best considering file size hdr, jpg?) 3. normal map (which format jpg?) I'm trying to export a furniture (sofa) as DAE. If you have links to resources that would be helpful too! Thanks in advance
  2. Oh I got all those already. But don't know how to use real flow although ispeakinpictures.com got some cool tutorials on it.
  3. Oh thats great buddy! I'm still rotating the objects and getting the timing right haven't mess with the cube opening yet. How's your progress? When we finish lets render and post
  4. I think you have to make it into a polygon and then project a path onto it or something. I'm not too sure man. Maybe highfive has an answer.
  5. I got the stage object to work with CS DocuCam you just need to point it to the camera inside the null object. Drifting away just a tad. Is there a way to map different cameras to a beat? i.e CamA = kick drum wav file, CamB = snare wav file, etc...
  6. Thanks I downloaded like 800 3ds models of random stuff from the 90s. They have a 10gb! 3ds models pack on torrent for random play. Step 5 is the harshest part, if you already got all the models. I think most of the work is experimenting with the rotation / timing of the models. Anyways cool spot though. Would be cool to switch camera also. On that note how do you render the stage object? I setup a few camera and keyframe the stage object camera property but when I render out it doesn't switch the camera why? I'm using Cam_Docu from CS tools. I just drag the whole null into the camera property of stage object. Is there a special way to render out stage I really want to render this.
  7. LOL sorry for being so vague. Please clear your impression of me from that post up there. In the second ID I wanted to know how you would approach re-creating the part where all the 3d objects animated out of the box.
  8. Hi can you guys give me some pointer on how to set this up using mograph 2 ?
  9. How do you loop with the PathNull I tried using movenull and loopnull and it didn't work .
  10. Aww...I already got my warp and destructor aligned with PathNull Maybe I can add a tag to PathNull for repeat?
  11. Hi I'm using PathNull for the first time and can't figure out how to loop the path animation. I got a moon orbiting a planet. It take 3 seconds to make a round trip. My timeline is 15 seconds.
  12. Maybe this article can help with your decision ( http://www.toonboomtutorials.com/2008/toon-boom-vs-flash/ )
  13. Its more anime than flash cartoons. I'm thinking of getting anime studio (http://anime.smithmicro.com/index_pro.html) You ever heard of it?
  14. Hey I would like some advice from the community. I know I haven't been on here for a couple years, I got addicted to an MMO and spent most of my time locked away in a virtual world. But my addiction is over and I'm here to tackle mograph once again. Now that's out of the way. I'm not sure if this is asked before since search didn't bring up anything useful. How do you guys bring in traditional animations? My friend who got me unhooked from my addiction, scanned his frames. And I really want to put this together to show you guys. I guess what I'm asking is; what software do you guys use for 2d hand drawn animations? I'm used to doing my animatic/storyboards in AE but I've never done a full frame by frame import and it doesn't seem very efficient to do that in AE.
  15. Striving artist. Will design for food.

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