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  1. Hello Video Film and Web people, The motiongraphicslab.com has uploaded a few free tutorials. 1.Writing with Water 2.Creating a Cool Kaleidoscope 3. Creating a Glowing Line and also invites you to "The Eye of Sauron Dance Party"...No cover charge! There will be fire, smoke, colored disco lights and that wacky Eye of Sauron and all his buddies! Swing that AE Hammer deANVELez
  2. The site was designed with a cart already in place...it would take major overhauling to create it another way Dean
  3. Hello Video Film and Web guys and gals, I just uploaded 18 free After Effects Projects at www.motiongraphicslab.com As usual they are fully customizable and royalty free. They're up and available for download until Oct 1st Thanks De- ANVEL-ez -- www.theanvel.com
  4. Not on this round...but I swap out free stuff on the site every few months...so check back from time to time
  5. I've been having some issues with the server being down this week...sorry for the inconvience
  6. 95% of the Ani Elements were created by me. A few were created by my cousin and a good friend of mine. Besides using AE for work it's also my hobby...like collecting stamps. If I'm bored I'll just put on some tunes and experiment with the effects...until I get something usable...sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't
  7. Hello Video, Film and Web guys and gals, I thought I'd put up a few free After Effects Projects for download to help celebrate July 4th ( I'm a sucker for good fireworks ). They're only up until July 4th. You'll find them on my website www.motiongraphicslab.com under the Ani Elements section labeled Ani Elements Batch 1. There are 20 assorted AEPs ranging from Flames, Bubbles, Water, Blood, Glows and a whole lot more. As usually they are fully customizable and royalty free. Enjoy! DeANVELez
  8. That part in my syllabus is not for you then...If I had 30 students that truly cared then that part would not be needed. The sad truth is that I put that there to make sure the other half that don't care either come to class or stay home.
  9. Thanks for the advice on replacing that paragraph...I didn't replace it but I did add the 7 points to the bottom of it. I've never had to worry about attendence on the intro class and have had that paragraph there since 2003 I usually teach 3 classes Intro - Always full Intermediate - 1/2 the students show up from the intro class and Advanced - 1/2 the students show up from the intermediate So the student poulation goes from about 20...to...about 3 to 5 Those last 3 to 5 are always amazing...and in my opinion those are usually the ones who get jobs in the field. This is not an easy industry...After Effects is not an easy program...I don't teach an easy class. But when it's all said and done I truly feel that my students have the knowledge to be employeed...that's all that matters to me.
  10. No worries...I've been teaching for quite awhile now and that particular statement is there for a few reasons... 1. I cover several topics in my classes...miss one and you could be left further behind than you probably want to be. 2. In the working world you only get so many days off...why should my class room be any different. 3. I am far from scary, but I have no time to teach anyone who can't make it to my class...If a student misses a class or 2 then usually I have to work harder to get them back on track...they waste my time and the classes time. 4. If you're really that good where you can miss 3 classes and still get everything done...well...why come to my class. 5. I hope I do scare people away from my classes...smaller class size = better work. 6. I'm not here to pamper coddle or hold anybodys hand...that's what mommas are for. You can't handle my class or can't make it on time...truly not my problem 7. I give 110% of myself to teaching a class...give me the same. ok I've ranted...I'm done now...off the soapbox
  11. Hello Film, Video and Web folks! Welp, it's that time of year again...time to start teaching After Effects to college students again. I'm doing an Intro to After Effects class and decided that this year I'll have an online syllabus for my students. I've posted it here at http://motiongraphicslab.com/lessons/motio...er-effects.html I figure if you're a teacher or student this might be helpful...please let me know if there is anything I can add or if this has been helpful. I'm still working on the feature function examples...but so far I have the transforms completed. DeANVELez
  12. Hello Video, Film and Web folks, Last week I uploaded 12 free St Patricks Day AEPs and got a question from a good friend of mine. He wanted to know if I could show some examples of variations with the aeps and how the aeps would look in a finalized design. So if this is any interest to you guys who downloaded them, you can visit the following urls First one shows some examples of switching out some elements http://motiongraphicslab.com/aftereffects-...4381357ce60d82a Second is an example of a St Patricks Day ID http://motiongraphicslab.com/aftereffects-...cks-day-id.html Thanks Dean -- www.theanvel.com
  13. Hello Video, Film and Web folks, I was messing around with some ideas for St Patrick's Day and came up with twelve different animations. There are Gold Coins, Rainbows, Clovers and even a Pot of Gold ready for download! All 12 are free up until March 17th...and as usual they are royalty free and fully customizable. You can get to them from the home page www.motiongraphicslab.com ...just click on the clover. Drop me a line and let me know what you think...oh and some are render intensive...especially the Rainbows Thanks deANVELez
  14. Was in Atlanta for 5 (2000-2005) years...did a stint as Art Director at WXIA...left for for two years ( LA, NY, FL )...came back a year ago...and suprisingly...live down the street from The Big Chicken...nothings happened to my car...yet Dean
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