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  1. I believe you're gonna need a Particle Geometry object in there as well to get the lights to work with your TP setup.
  2. xim


    Sadly, Superfad is in the process of closing it's doors. Unless you have some business with them, please don't call/email. These people have bigger fish to fry.
  3. If you can swing it, I'd spring for the version of C4d with all the bells & whistles (Studio version I believe). You may not think you need stuff like hair & cloth, but that stuff does crop up in motion graphics from time to time. I once did a jellyfish made out of type that used cloth for the tendrils. As for training, greyscalegorilla.com has a bunch of nice tutorials to get you going. Cineversity & FxPhd are other options for paid tutorials. Good luck!
  4. Maybe shoot some footage digitally & run it through Chris' Super 8 recipe as a proof of concept to show the director that you can replicate the look without having to deal with comping with Super 8. I just feel like you're going to enter a world of hurt working with low quality footage. I can appreciate the director wanting to be authentic, but is he/she expecting stuff to be comped via optical printer too? Are they going to be editing by cutting up the actual physical film? Probably not In any case, good luck with the project & post it if you can. Would love to see the final result!
  5. Maybe a particle emitter with turbulence & a tracer applied to get the splines. Then sweep & apply displacement map to get the finer random distortions.
  6. I really love the combo of this track & the edit done for the trailer. Completely blew me away when I saw it in the theater. Kudos to the editor, as well as & Trent & co. for doing an awesome cover of a Led Zep song! Unfortunately, I feel the same track/edit style does not work for this title sequence, which is a shame given the beautiful & relevant imagery presented here. Not just that, but I feel the fact that they used the exact same track/edit combo used in the trailer AND the music video is...well...kind of lazy. I think they would have been much better served by using one of the many excellent moody tracks from the actual score as a basis for the edit so you have time to soak up some of those images. Great job Blur!
  7. Maybe a walk along the Highline. http://www.thehighline.org/ Or take in some interactive theater: http://sleepnomorenyc.com/
  8. http://type.method.ac/ Fun little game for the kerningly challenged. My score so far: 88!
  9. http://prologue.com/media/film/projects/iron-man/galleries/apogee-awards#iron-man
  10. Looks like base80's on the right track. Found this http://www.progressiveape.com/?p=40#more-40
  11. You may need to re-save it out of Quicktime while viewing at full rez, just to zap away that resize metadata.
  12. Offhand, I'd try using a thin stream of particle spheres with a metaball to bind the whole thing together. Beyond that, could be a job for Realflow or Dipit FX
  13. xim

    Font question

    that font looks like avant garde light/thin
  14. Man, Wired has fallen soooo far. I remember the first year it came out it had a unique, well-designed look (matte cover, heavy paper stock) & great articles (I still have the issue which had the "100 ways to save Apple" cover story). Yesterday, I noticed an issue sitting in the lobby of a post facillity. It had a flimsy, cheap look to it, just like People mag!. Now I read this crap. They should just re-launch it as Un-Wired.
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