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  1. found the Takashi Okamura nintendo commercial: i've been wondering what that was forever!
  2. I've done something similar by creating a precomp the length of the entire ribbon. Then you duplicate it three times and mask each one to the area of each bend. Then put the anchor points at those bend points and do your rotation.
  3. How can no one have mentioned JAWS yet?! Absolutely my most watched. Also: Delicatessen American Werewolf in London Poltergeist The Exorcist Treasure of Sierra Madre Arizona Dream The Witches (Nicholas Roeg version)
  4. yeah - i'm getting the same problem. it's really cramping my style. I'm in AE CS3, MAC OS 10.4.10, QT 7.2. I'm going to get the latest AE update and see if it gets fixed.
  5. What I was told, by the folks at the New Jersey Tax Office no less, was that the total price of the bill should be taxed, not just the cost of the deliverable. For instance if you bill them $1000 for an animation, you can't just tax them .2 cents for the cost of a dvd. I dealt with this because I have an LLC, I don't know if you are not incorporated if you have to.
  6. If your talking about the US, I believe it depends on which state your client is in. New Jersey changed its tax law last year so that electronically delivered material is subject to sales tax the same way tape or dvd is.
  7. I would get yourself a copy of "Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects" by Chris and Trish Meyers. Their first volume covers the essentials and later volumes move into more advanced stuff. You could also go through all sort of tutorials available on the web, but the Meyers book will give you a full solid grounding. here's a link to it on amazon.
  8. You should have both the 3d and continuous rasterize buttons checked for your precomp. But also, you need the position of your layer inside your precomp to match it's original position in your main comp. By continually rasterizing, AE looks at the layer's position in the precomp and uses that. (it will also use the position of the precomp itself - so you should leave that at the default). Might it just be easier to replace your layer with the larger version of itself instead of precomping? You're not really getting the benefits of continuous rasterization if your layer is a bitmap rather than vector.
  9. One nice trick for rendering out multiscreen projects is to create custom output modules for each screen. Adjust the cropping so that only the area for each screen is rendered out for each one. Harder to set up that the other method of creating a render comp for each screen, but saves time in the end by drastically reducing your render time. It just renders once instead of over and over for each screen.
  10. Command line - you mean by using the background render script, right? That's a good idea, I use it while I'm working but haven't thought of using it for main renders. I'll give it a try. paranoidx - you can ind the background render script here: http://www.creative-workflow-hacks.com/200...-lloyd-alvarez/
  11. Does anyone know if there is a script to restart a render after it crashes? Is it even possible to write one? Working on the Intel mac in AE7 crashes are happening more often, unfortunately.
  12. One possible way to do the square stroke is to make a square solid, animate its position, precomp it and apply the echo effect. Of course, it won't be 3D and it is a hell of a render...
  13. I think he was talking about the auto-trace feature in the layer menu in AE.
  14. Cool. I was trying to figure out the bridge approach when you posted but have been having trouble with mismatching document sizes. hopefully this tut will help. thanks
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