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  1. yup. can't exactly claim all the shows i've worked on were genius productions is there anything i can do to prevent that sonic game-block thing referred to, or is that a private firewall?
  2. freelance animator/designer- LA

  3. interesting, and appreciated that u did all that. one huge bug for me was that i couldnt scroll or navigate easily. grabbing the bar to move down the window didn't seem to intuitive, or carefree of a motion. i don't think u want to have anyone stumbling around for functionality purposes, unless its part of the experience that you're intending
  4. new reel, site, logo.... www.dblock.net is the new www.blockheadesign.tv is the old open to feedback on anything, yet constructive criticism on the old website doesn't really do much for me, seeing as its from summer 06
  5. so i need more space to store things on, naturally. i also want to have a good backup. as i'm sure all of you have these issues. they're separate things, but in a similar enough scope to address a NAS in the same topic. ideally i think it'd just to be nice to have to wirelessly access things via my laptop and retrieve files while at a job from my home's cheap server substitute. drobo's look super slick. $$$ though & and no ehternet connect to their wireless network adapter. so all its doing is drobo >adapter w/ usb2 then adapter> router w/ ethernet i picked up netgear turbo storage unit. but i needed a pc to maintain and set it up. ( didn't want to rely on parrallels, bootcamp, whatever....) i use vmware and have found that its just not 100% dependable. so i returned without even trying to set it up through vmware windows. http://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-SC101T-Stora...o/dp/B000O8KHTC scored it @ $70. just the chassis returned, picked up sans digital 2bay chassis. ~$190. price difference is mac support...? http://www.amazon.com/Sans-Digital-MN2LP-N...d/dp/B002AKKDDM not mounting/showing in my network connections, awaiting tech service to call back. wasn't impressed w tech support. its been a few days and i can't manage to mount it, but i can connect to it via web interface oddly enough. (still doesn't seem like its mainly meant for macs but likely doable) ie the software provided for ip configuration is an exe. so i decided to run it in vmware: windows xp. basically, not confident in my purchase and i'm seeing if anybody else has gone through this NAS search for a basic, reliable remedy thinking i can maybe just do the update to leopard and run bootcamp to fix that minor reliability issue but i have a feeling i'd end up losing on out some kind of mac compatibility somewhere w/ the NAS. thx for any help ps- first post in years!
  6. yah- aja's in action (wired) on this system but the external monitor is off. i tried changing the settings in pref's>video from apple ProIO to computer monitor only didn't seem to make a diff when i treid it last week. BUT- disabling interactions and renders DID help
  7. I get a dialog box from AECS3 in leopard. I've only run into this issue after upgrading to leopard. Dialog box says "After effects warning:another application is currently using the quicktime video output component." that's it. almost every other thing i click on it appears. sometimes everything i do or click gives me that same message, and even occassionally i'll get that box repetitively before i even do anything else, asides from hitting OK has anybody ran into this before? it seems to have disabled responsiveness of 3d layers. nothing else noticeable besides stopping down everytime i click on something. BOO dude
  8. cool stuff. u def got a lot of 3d to show off. there was something that was a little unsettling in the first section with all those single-frames...the quick edit part. i'd also try to make sure to get rid of that black border. if you decide to go with it, make it consistently thick around all edges. other than that, nicely done
  9. was there any luck with this as a preview(column view) in mac?? thank you laughing colors for the tip. i was stumped as to why these codecs didnt do a damn thing for me. i'm loving mograph more and more every day. and i am grateful for gray machine's "posterity". good lookin out.
  10. goodness. who wants to throw in on a projector with me? and who's singing that track
  11. tiger's advice in addition to many others in this thread have been extremely helpful. i'm currently in a slightly screwed situation. my contract stated ten days since an invoice, a check will be smiling at me. these clauses are def something i will exercise in the future. but what if there weren't any established? what kind of grounds do i have to charge interest, or late fees....?
  12. never did any loading in the quicktime. maybe cuz of the aforementioned divx compression? ive never had probs with it before though. honestly, my patience wore out so i didnt see anything.
  13. i think yuppsters most on point to what i was trying to do. (Shift-drag) re: sao bento- scale, position, & rotation... keyframes naturally occuring at separate intervals in the timeline... i was looking for a function to force them to all occur at the same time. i'm not big on code but i just now thought that it'd probly be possible via short script
  14. trying to figure out how to make a bunch of difft keyframes all at the same point in time, whereas they are originally at various points in the timeline. one layer would be helpful multiple layers would be badass. thanks and have an "easy-ease" day. apologies for the bad AE joke
  15. typically i get excited about gadgetry and nerdish things. but you let me down after i clicked the link. i m expecting an actual squeezebox. accordion anyone? i badly want one of those melodizer thingamajigers that augustus pablo played i'm an avid pandora listener as well. scion's got the jam station. i dont want more companies to make their own stations and overpopulate it- but i dont see why they don't
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