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  1. I asked for it not to suck like the last few versions, I have used it yet but if anyone can verify this feature being added then I get total and sole credit on this addition. Does 6.5 run on Windows 7? ;P
  2. deedeee


    Didn't notice any tint issues, it wasn't my monitor but my friends and if there was any tint he would have sent it back right away. Very nice crisp image, I am using a ACD 23 and a dell 2408 for reference against the quality if that image. For the price you cant loose.
  3. deedeee


    The new Dell U2410 is the 2408 replacement. It's an IPS and I have to say its a very nice image.
  4. Combustion is dead, Toxik is dead AE is your best option.
  5. deedeee


    Check it http://www.pitchengine.com/free-release.php?id=38666
  6. Yeah that looks really cool. Want too see it in action for sure.
  7. Have not posted on Mograph for a while, but this thread peaks my interest. First its about bloody time, second please through out useless shit like brainstorm. I can not think or a more useless feature. How hard would it be to write a 3d grid into the comp window, now that would be a feature I can use. Please talk to someone to try and learn how to really multi-thread. I look at my task manager with vray and all my cores are peaked, AE is like sucking oil through a straw. Man to think of the time I could have saved in my life if only it used all my CPU properly. Also will this be one of those things where it is only 64 bit for Windows version like Photoshop was, that was not funny. I know you got screwed over by Apple with Carbon 64 but come on you should have been developing cocoa by then. Anyway back to my slugish AE comp. Anyone used Nuke yet? Looks promising. ;P
  8. Yes I can load them into Ma Ram player and on another box Combustion.
  9. After Effects error: getting directory info for file#417 in "Car_Roation" -file not found (-43). (3::14) So that is the error. And the files are sequential tiffs with an underscore rendered out of Max using vray 1.5 sp3. The files are called car_rotA_ etc. They are coming of of a 4TB server running Suze Linux, if that makes any difference.
  10. Well I am trying on three different systems with two are AE7 XP 32bit SP3 and CS4 and Windows 7 64bit CS4 and it is driving me crazy.
  11. Just 90, but they are in a folder with over 800. is that the problem?
  12. Ok So I am having this same problem. Rendering tiffs out of 3DS Max. Any solution to this problem? I am going crazy. Tried it on AE 7 and AE CS4 and same problem.
  13. Don't listen to this guy he is low balling. Ask for whatever comes after a trillion.
  14. Windows 7 build 7729 has been a great experience so far. The only weirdness I found was a flickering in AE when moving layers in the timeline and bin. Turning off Aero fixed this straight away.
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