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  1. lol chris. well some may find it useful I'll keep blogging and submit tutorials as I learn in this industry to help new comers. Feel free to submit your portfolio sites. or CG related sites if you own any. cheers.
  2. Hi guys. There are a lot of talented artists around here. You can submit your portfolio sites here. http://www.creativefx.org/ I believe a lot of you here are motiongraphers right?
  3. True. I have used the older version a couple of times but it got annoying for rendering small sequences..
  4. Oi! Lame thread? thanks all again. ill ask again when i get stack with this offset tool.
  5. thanks raven. I can't seem to find "offset" in the aniamtion presets.. istead i see [spiral In] [blue Flash] [Twisty Ribbons]... under those i see offset. How do I get to just "offset"?
  6. How do I create cell phone's typing text effect in after effects? For example, to get a letter "i" you have to pres g->h->i.. thanks.
  7. Thanks mofx, I'm not an expert in AE but I can use it with np. I'm learning Avid by reading its help file.. i really need a book.. my PC is not good enough to run Avid so really need a book that explains Avid well. Does anyone know of any good book for Avid Express pro? (ps)Is there much difference in use between Pro DV and HD?
  8. To get a job as an editor, which editing software should I know the most? Avid Xpress Pro DV/HD? Premiere Pro? Final cut pro? or else?
  9. I have approx 110mins of HD footage, and i am converting it to DV. Later I will have interactive DVD menus etc.. Will this fit on one DVD wtih major loss of quality?
  10. Kiaora fletty, the 2nd tutorial helped me thanks.
  11. BKM thanks for the fantastic answers. Could you instruct me how I can export it from After Effects? Is the option in 'export' or 'make movie'? ---------- [edit] thanks spense. where can I apply the alpha channel?
  12. I have made a baseline key for a show, and need to submit it today. I have worked on it in After Effects, and they will use Avid Express HD to composit in the future. Could anyone advice which format I should submit in? So far I have 2 things. Thet=y are.. - After Effects 7 entire project files - Uncompressed/ DV codec .avi with black background Baseline keys are those background thing you see when presentor's name shows up or in interviews.
  13. i'm quite confused because there are so many software in the industry.. like flame..smoke.... these are expensive so i heard.
  14. I'm sure many of you have heard about this new tool. Can I ssay that this is a new name of comustion or r they different?
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