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  1. Or if you have Perian you could just open the flv in QT and export as an audio file.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Gundam is at the top of my list!!!
  3. So I´m going to Tokyo for a couple of weeks. Anyone who been there got any suggestions to things I should see/do while I´m there? (Not that I think it´s hard to find things to do in Tokyo)
  4. The HVX is very noisy, so I would stay away from it if you intend to do chroma stuff.
  5. I really like it. I do think the intro is WAY to long though for my taste.
  6. Solved. The camera´s scale property was set to 0.
  7. btw I´m on cinema 11 and CS3.
  8. Hi guys, i´ve been having problems importing my C4d camera in to AE for this one project. Everything looks like its rotated and placed wrong in the scene. I´ve done this a million times before, so it´s probably some annoying little setting I´m overlooking. Does anyone have have a idea what this could be? Thanks...
  9. Yeah, it´s a smokelet particle and there are a couple of keyframes here and there. I also blended several instances of Form to get it to react the way I wanted.
  10. Thank you for your kind words. Yeah, I used CC Lens with some Knoll Lightfactory to get the sphere look. As far as the audio goes I agree 100%. But I have a weird taste in music, so I actually listen to stuff like this.
  11. I wanted to test the audio capabilities of Form, so I played around a bit and came up with this thing. It´s really a rewarding way to animate, as you get results you´d never get if you were to keyframe it yourself. Anyways, tell me what you think.
  12. Just got the new Canon 500D and the rolling shutter on it is just ridiculous.
  13. There´s also the new Canon 500D which is very cheap.It shoots 720p in 30fps but for some insane reason only shoots 20fps in 1080p.
  14. It´s a pitty the 5d only shoots in 30fps (especially for us in Europe).
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