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  1. HVX200 and a Century Xtreme fisheye. Bought it to shoot more skate stuff, and almost immediately got a new job which left me no time to film. (It shoots awesome home vids of the family though.)
  2. faustfire

    Kanye West

    If that is indeed true, then how can Beyonce win for best video of the year, but not win best video in the female video category. Me thinks they are not completely legitimate.
  3. faustfire

    Kanye West

    Yes, yes they do. They also decide the outcome of the the MTV movie awards. (See: Twilight)
  4. 1. Make sure multipass is checked, and that you have a multi-pass save path set in your save render settings. 2. Set your GI to full animation, not just camera animation. 3. I usually us HDRI lighting for GI renders.
  5. For me the connection is blind faith. Religious belief is only possible if you are able to take things on faith without asking for any real evidence. Once people's brains become wired to accept things as fact without any evidence for them, it is only too easy (with enough money) to manipulate them into believing any bullshit thing you through at them. Not to say that there isn't religious belief on the left as well, but the right seems to have the market cornered on using peoples religion to manipulate them.
  6. Full animation GI doesn't work with the net render anyways, except for super simple scenes.
  7. Sorry, but I stand by my comment. The current situation has gone beyond a case of differing opinions. The birthers and the groups promoting the death committee fallacies are just plain stupid human beings. There is ignorance and there is stupidity...this is stupidity. And I have no specific problem with Christians, I have a negative opinion of all religions, be it Muslim, Mormon, Hindu, or Pagan.
  8. Its all the religion over here, it has infected their brains with nonsense. If you believe in fairy tales it's not much of a leap to believe that Obama wants to sneak into your house at night and kill your grandma.
  9. No, 720p 59.94 is 60 full progressive frames. 720 is always progressive, it does not support any 60i type format. You can just work at 30p and then double frames to 60p.
  10. Here ya go. http://motionographer.com/2008/03/14/conra...deal-mock-reel/
  11. I've had the same problem in cinema r11, never figured it out. Bug maybe?
  12. faustfire

    new minireel

    Way too long...and the audio track doesn't really match the work IMO. I would go with something a bit more energetic, and less repetitive.
  13. faustfire

    My Reel

    Waaayyyy too long. I would take out all the basic video stuff. (The guitar and truck guys) You have some good work in there but it's really being crowded out by the more amateurish stuff. You could really cut it down by more than half.
  14. One simple thing you can do to improve the piece is to bump up your motion blur samples. Other than that I agree with Firebetty on everything she said, especially the stretched type.
  15. faustfire


    Ive been getting into it lately, took the beginner class at fxphd which really helped. Once you get your head around it, it is really easy and has worked well for the few thing I have used it for so far.
  16. It is completely against China's best interest to do anything that would be detrimental to the US economy, as their economy is very dependent on US consumers. If our economy or dollar fails, so goes China. (A failed dollar would also make all of our debt that they own worthless.) The horror stories are just that, fear mongering stories.
  17. faustfire


    I dont want to sound insensitive, and it sounds like you and your family went through some really tough times, but the military is there to protect the country not supply jobs. And as it has stood for quite a long time, we have a lot more military than we need to get the job done. Even now, if the pentagon would stop funneling money into high tech, hugely expensive weapons systems that are no longer needed, there would be enough money left for huge military budget cuts as well as money for an increase in personnel and pay increases for those personnel. We need more well paid soldiers, not more billion dollar planes and aircraft carriers. Clinton made the cuts, but the pentagon was the one who chose the military industrial complex over people.
  18. faustfire


    Ive been really into High Fructose lately. Killer mag. http://hifructose.com/
  19. I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone else is searching for an answer to PLA smoothing, timetrack works perfectly. Im using the FFD deformer for some light character animation and timetrack smoothed everything out perfectly.
  20. Make sure you have your layers set for high quality. (the little backslash next to the continuous rasterize and motion blurr checkboxes.
  21. Just add a background object and place your vid texture on it. Done.
  22. We use TT MetaSAN and it has been nothing but a nightmare from day one.
  23. If you have particle illusion they have 3 pro libraries of tech/interface elements that are pretty cool, I think they are like 30 bucks each.
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