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  1. I wont deny that there are some like that here. At the same time, I think that attitude may stem from the fact that technology has allowed us to do things easier that were a lot more complicated in the past. Meaning. The veterans are looking at fresh faces that whipped something up in a matter of hours which took days for them a few years ago. I think its about paying your dues vs working yourself to death in some instances.
  2. I gave it a like. I am salary base though. Therefore, it's completely up to me what hours I choose and how long I stay. I usually will slip out early on the slow days to make up for the 12 hour ones. Its really up to you on how you want to manage your time and how hard you want to drive yourself into the ground. Although, it is a lot easier to say that if your not a fresh out college student. My first year in the industry, I actually asked my Boss if I could get something to eat around 3pmish. I neglected lunch because I was slammed with a shit ton of little projects. We were so busy that it seemed impossible to eat a meal. She scolded me for asking that question. She told me you should never have to do something like that again. I may not be in the commercial industry standard here but there is a line that needs to be drawn where you are doing your job well or just killing yourself. We all want to be reliable, dependable and go getting. You just need to be honest with yourself sometimes and say "this shit isnt getting done today".
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    Thanks for the feedback Rocket Panda! Much appreciated. Thanks Javier!
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    Well, I felt like being a little charitable and made an intro for this teenager's youtube channel. Criticism and advice are always welcomed. Even a good kick in the ass. Thank you for your time. Drew http://www.vimeo.com/28733948
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    Thanks for the detailed breakdown. I really appreciate it. Wow Binky! Thanks for the great feedback! Was so not expecting that from you.
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    THanks for the feedback so far guys. Appreciate it! @Keon What parts in the edit felt off to you? I have watched this thing so many times that I can't see it with a fresh perspective. @florio Noted. I have been meaning to replace the houses and the football stuff. I just haven't made anything that I think I could replace it with at the moment. Is there anything else there that could be cut out. Hence making a shorter edit by like 5-10 seconds and that would eliminate the bad spots while trimming down the repetitiveness of the music?
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    As always, please don't hold back. A good kick in the ass is always welcomed from you fine people. Thank You for taking the time. Drew http://www.vimeo.com/27169268
  8. Awww good to know! I stopped at 9.6.... Well not really. I use Lightwave to do modeling and then I import that model into C4D. I really need to learn how to just do it within C4D. Anyway, I will ask my employer about v10. Thanks for the info. One more thing. Would you mind giving me a few examples of the updates that you saw useful in ver 10 in PM when you have time? I don't want this to thread to become a Lightwave questions thread. Thanks!!
  9. Holy crap!! I used Lightwave for years and still have ridiculous issues with achieving motion graphics. Pretty much the reason why I switched to C4D. I saw your demo reel and now that you say it was Lightwave, I am just completely dumbfounded. Damn!!!
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    You kind of answered the question. You are basically buying the potential award. If you walk away empty handed. Well... you bought the potential contacts and the networking opportunity. Winning can get you a little exposure and recognition nonetheless.
  11. Or you can take some martial arts classes and get some exercise out of it. while obtaining ideas of speed and timing through it. That's what I did. It worked to some degree. Take for instance punches. You can throw a quick jab in less than 3 frames. Maybe 2 frames if your Bruce Lee. In the 29.97 world I aim for 11 to 15 frames to complete a quick camera motion. It won't be smooth but it will get the job done on a crescendo.
  12. They have commercial examples on that site. Be careful, this is a dark road you are heading down. It will waist your precious time and brain cells. It's like a Police Officer trying to take down all of Terrorism on his free time. Not worth it dude. I speak from experience. There will always be the people that fail upwards in life and the ones that get by while sitting on people's shoulders. Karma or God will bite them in the ass when the time comes. As far as the examples you showed in your OP, I think you are looking into it to close. Those examples are more like demonstrations in evolving a old idea and trying to find someway to make it more. Just like how Hollywood films haven't come up with anything original for awhile. So they take what is old, slap some CGI on and repackage it with "Coming SOON".
  13. My brain just about exploded when it got to the city part. Fantastic. I am in the same boat when it comes to trying to wrap my head around the execution. It just looks impossible.
  14. Holy SHIT!! HOOLLLYYY SHIIIIITTTTTT! It will take a week to render a simple(no heavy complex effects) fricken 5 second IDENT. Dope nonetheless. It will take 10-15 years to get content to even cathup with this monster.
  15. I just looked at your website. The layout is clean overall and easy to use. Not to thrilled about your logo though. You got kerning issues with MEDIA. Media and Creations should be on a separate line as well as in the same font style and "Schoniger" should take precedence. My eye tends to look at "Creations" since it is italicized and the kerning is wide. Why are there pictures of SPACE being cycled through on the most focused point of your website? There should be visual references of your work or your logo itself.
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